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Broken Beast (The Pierce Family #1) by Crystal Kaswell


Danielle Bellamy is broke and out of options. Until I offer her a lifeline: A million dollars to play my wife.

Danielle Bellamy is mine. For the next year, the curvy photographer is staying in my secluded mansion, wearing my ring. A ruse, to exact revenge against the man who destroyed me.

Only every time I gaze into her dark eyes, I forget we’re pretending. Her kiss is intoxicating. Her touch is addicting. And when we finally fall into bed– It’s not enough. I need more than her body. I need her everything.


I always love a new take on the Beauty and the Beast story and this one succeeds despite the overabundance of “f” bombs appearing on each page.

One day Danielle Bellamy is a talented photographer making ends meet for her and her brother, and then she meets Adam Pierce, a reclusive billionaire, who makes her a deal of a lifetime. A fake marriage for one millionaire dollars. The attraction is immediate, but Adam keeps her at bay. His motives are not what they seem.

The chemistry is oh, so hot between Danielle and Adam as they dance around their attraction. The more Adam pushes her away, the more she wants him. The man is a goner with Danielle’s directness and persistence. Not to mention she photographs herself naked and sends him the pics. I love the fact that she convinces the brooding and private Adam to pose with her. It shows that he trusts her to hide his visible scars while he opens his heart to the woman he is betraying for revenge. Danielle has scars of her own which she is ashamed of and when they both reveal their scars, it’s a tearjerker.  Adam is my favorite character with his vulnerability and isolation. He’s a broken shell after the loss of his brother and he’s seeking revenge for his brother’s death. Watching him change into a happier man with Danielle’s help, is a delight. It’s a bittersweet feeling considering his ruse may drive her away.

Danielle and Adam’s brothers are a hoot. Can you say inappropriate? Liam and Remy are so much alike with their comic relief and sexy charm. Simon, Adam’s elder brother, is more serious and I can’t wait to read about him.

Overall, I recommend this sexy romance, but I could have done without the word “fuck” plastered all over the place. I’ve read erotica with less of the “f” bomb in it. The characters are likable and I loved Danielle’s photography angle. Give it a try.


Broken Beast

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Crystal Kaswell writes fun, sexy new adult romances with damaged heroes and the strong women who unlock their hearts.

She is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Her best known series are Sinful Serenade and Dangerous noise–both follow the men in a rock band the the women they love. She adores writing bad boys, alpha males, and tortured heroes (and sometimes men who are all three).

Her weaknesses include dark chocolate, homemade chai lattes, Netflix marathons, and tattooed men in skinny jeans (especially if they’re wearing eyeliner). She is a diehard defender of pop-punk music, the present tense, and Katniss Everdeen.

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