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Hell Hath No Fury by Geoff Major


Evie Perry was a high-class escort whose way of life was abruptly and cruelly shattered by two drunken men. Stella Kendrick’s husband committed suicide and left her with a legal battle and a debt of £6m, but he leaves her a message with the names of three men on it. Daniella Maddox is a world-class barrister, assigned to an indefensible case for a corrupt client, but one she must win to save her own life. Unbeknownst to them, fate has woven their lives into a twisted web.

Detective Sergeant Alan Armitage is mystified when he attends the scene of a triple murder, but he is very quickly joined in his hunt for the killer by Detective Sergeant Steve Denton from The Met, and Detective Sergeant Bob Williams from North Yorkshire CID. Along with Detective Constable Rachael Jones, they have to uncover who the murderer is and why they are killing people across the country.

Their task is made even more difficult because a criminal known to most simply as The Broker gets closer to banking millions every time his team commits another murder.Add to Goodreads


He did it again! The master of mind manipulation lulled me into a smug sense of knowing who the killer was when, to my frustration and surprise, he throws me several curve balls. Well done, Mr. Major.

Lives and money are at stake in this mystery when a killer’s revenge involves a millionaire men’s club, a lottery ticket, and a missing page from a thesis. 

So who dun it? Is it the maimed high-priced call girl with nothing else to lose? Is it the fearsome man they call The Broker who loves money and won’t hesitate to get it? Is it the wealthy businessman who is involved in a deadly financial windfall that could earn him millions? That’s just skimming the surface, folks, because there are many points of view in this book which makes for gripping suspense and robust skills of reasoning and deduction. And you know it’s a doozy of a puzzle when several police districts come together to solve the crimes of a devious serial killer.  To savor the hunt I won’t go into detail. You’ll have to read it for yourself.

If you love a complex and intriguing thriller with more twists and turns than a cheap garden hose, give this book a try. It won’t disappoint. Also, check out my glowing review of Deadline, Mr. Major’s first novel.

Thank you to Mr. Major for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Geoff MajorThis is Geoff Major’s second book. His first – DEADLINE – was published in 2020.

Writing is his hobby, which he fits in-between full-time work, family, and completing unusual fundraising challenges. For more information, visit

He lives in Yorkshire, with his wife and their dog.

Follow Geoff on his website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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