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Your Echo (Gatlin Brothers #1) by Vi Summers


My soul shattered the day I left the city for a quieter life. Gatlin Falls promised anonymity. A place where I could be just the new girl, not the broken girl. I tried so hard to keep my head down and my walls up. But the thing about small towns is that eventually someone gets too close, and feelings come into play. Dormant feelings. Ones I fought so hard to keep at bay.

Cue, Banks Gatlin. The third brother of six and frustratingly persistent. The one that kissed me without an introduction. The one that had my heart skipping and wracked with guilt every time he smiled. And the one that received his second chance at life the day my first love lost his.

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Holy, pumpernickel! Where can I get one of those Gatlin brothers? Your Echo is the first installment in the Gatlin Brothers series and boy, if this one is this good, I can’t wait to read the rest. Told from dual perspectives it follows the heartbroken and lonely Simone Jamison and the larger-than-life Banks “The Kisser” Gatlin as he steals a kiss and her heart in the bargain. The story is located in Gatlin Falls where the people are friendly and welcoming and there is a yummy bunch of Gatlin brother bachelors ripe for the pickin’.

You can’t fix broken, Banks. Not my kind of broken.

Simone Jamison escaped Denver for a fresh start on her own where she could reinvent herself after her boyfriend was murdered. On her first day in Gatlin Falls, she is kissed by a stranger who wanted to help her with her bucket list. Angry at his audacity, she avoids him at all costs, but he’s “an anti-gift that keeps on giving”. She just wants to be left alone, but he’s determined to show her how to really live. Will she be able to live a normal life and find love again?

A challenge doesn’t scare me—just makes success all the sweeter.

Banks Gatlin is a force to be reckoned with. He lives life to the fullest after almost dying and he’s not taking no for an answer from the beautiful “new girl” in town who has captured his attention. Their first meet was a disaster when he screwed up, but he has never backed down from a challenge in his life. She has made his life happier and he’s not about to lose that or lose her.

Banks Gatlin…what can I say? He’s kind, he’s outrageous, he’s honest, he’s sexy, and he’s every girl’s dream of what a good man should be, but Simone won’t let him in. Her past is tragic and she inflicts pain on herself because he triggers her. But why? I laughed so many times at Banks’ antics and sly tactics to get his way. My heart melted when this man told his story and opened his heart in so many ways. The playful times when he told her to “run” as he chased her down made me smile and laugh. The times he makes Simone laugh and feel at ease after a fight or a sad memory is proof of a caring and compassionate man. But don’t let the nice guy fool ya. His sexy hot dirty talk and alpha control in bed is scrumptious!

Simone believes Banks is an over-the-top psychopath with his cute smirks, his seductive hazel eyes, and his self-assuredness. I mean what grown man rides a BMX bike all over the place? Bank’s positive energy is just what she needs, but she still hurts for Reagan and she feels she is dishonoring his memory. Simone’s strength is subtle but effective. Moving many miles away from everything familiar, including her best friend, is proof to me that she is tough. Not to mention she has the tenacity to say no to a man who won’t back down. Simone has been through the wringer, losing her love, testifying against his murderer, and being blamed by her lover’s parents. She deals with her pain by cutting herself. A fact that Gatlin sees, but doesn’t judge. He accepts her as she is…scars and all. When the ball finally drops and fate shows its hand, she sees that only one heart belongs to her.

This book ruined me for any other.  It crushed me, it inspired me, and it made me fall in love with two characters who totally deserved the best happiness and happily ever after life could give. The chemistry is “hawt” and Gatlin’s seduction is superb. My first Vi Summers novel is a keeper and I can’t wait to meet more of the divine Gatlin brothers.

Thank you to Ms. Summers for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a possible review.


Your Echo

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Vi Summers is a fun-loving confetti queen, tea addict, cheese fiend, and hot-mess Mumma, all rolled into one International Bestselling romance author.

When you read Vi’s books you can expect “heat, heart and suspense”. She specialises in writing Alpha Rolls (a delicious mix of Alpha and Cinnamon Roll heroes) and broken souls. Vi loves breaking her characters before piecing them back together.

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