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Casual Affair (Slow Seductions #1) by Melanie Munton


Bea Paxton is a free spirit. She loves her fledgling interior design business, having fun, and she loves men. But only temporarily. Rule #1 is no relationships, no love, no commitment. She likes being in charge. It’s the only way to protect herself from getting hurt again.

Zane Price is the perfect candidate for a steamy time—beautiful, built, and British. Plus, he’ll soon be moving back to England. Really perfect.

Well…except for the fact that he’s her biggest client. And he doesn’t play by her rules. Hell, no. He wants more. Much more. Which is definitely not on the agenda.

Unfortunately, his kisses are nothing short of toe-curlingly awesome. And he is distracting her—a lot—from doing her job.

She needs to stay away from him. Her livelihood depends on it.

But Zane always gets what he wants. And he wants Bea. But for right now? Or forever…?


I’m still working on my very large TBR pile and I’ve selected one of my favorite authors, Melanie Munton (see my other reviews). Casual Affair is the first installment in Munton’s adult contemporary romance Slow Seductions series set in Washington, D.C. The series begins with Bea Paxton an interior designer and co-owner of Paxton Designs, and wealthy British bachelor Zane Price, the COO of Envision Tech Industries.

Casual Affair is told from dual third-person perspectives. It follows a slow-building relationship between Bea and Zane. The meet-cute is a hot and hilarious paintball match, aka job interview. Zane’s company needs to hire an interior designer for the redesign of their home store. Bea and her sister, Felicity, are co-owners of Paxton Designs and they are surprised and thrilled to be asked to attend a meeting with the COO of Envision Tech. Especially, for Bea, when that meeting meant running around a field shooting people. “Coolest. Business meeting. Ever.” The chemistry is immediate as Zane and Bea fight the personal attraction while butting heads professionally. Will they, or won’t they?  Duh!

Bea has worked hard to be an independent and savvy businesswoman who never mixes business with pleasure. Due to a past betrayal, her relationships are short and sweet, until Zane. She is fierce when it comes to her work and no amount of complaining and micro-managing from Zane will get her to back down. But, oh boy, in the bedroom, she trusts him enough to surprisingly give him full reign over her body. She has fallen for Zane big time which scares her and as the countdown to their future draws near with him returning to London, she doesn’t know what to do.

Zane loves his job and hates to give up control of anything, but when he meets the beautiful, stubborn and, sexy Southern belle, his life is turned upside down. He is wicked smart, extremely funny, and has a naughty streak a mile long. He falls hard for Bea’s sassiness and respects her need to be her own woman, but he can’t leave her and comes up with a good arrangement that doesn’t go as planned.

From the first misinterpreted words Bea reads from Zane’s lips (or were they) to the crazy beer-chugging contest easily won by Bea, I couldn’t get enough of these two. They both have pasts filled with regret and guilt which result in missed signs and bad communication, but their love cannot be denied and they live happily ever after.

Bea’s sister, Felicity, knows her sister well and sets Bea straight a few times. The sisters are total opposites, but their love is strong and they work well together. I can’t wait to read about Felicity and her crush on Gabe the billionaire.

If you enjoy contemporary romances with crazy chemistry between two headstrong leads, hold on tight and give this book a try!

Slow Seductions Series in order:

1. Casual Affair (2017)
2. Sweet Attraction (2017)


Casual Affair

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Melanie MuntonMelanie is an Amazon bestselling author who prefers all her romance to come loaded with wit and heavy doses of steam. She’s all about fictional escapism, the beach, a tall glass of wine, and a guaranteed happily ever after. She wishes she could be as cool and clever as even half of the characters she creates. Unfortunately, 100% of her creativity goes into her writing, so there’s zero left over for real life at the end of the day. 

Melanie grew up in a super small town in the Midwest but now lives in Savannah, Georgia, and adores it. Her daughter and husband are her entire life. She and her husband met while earning their anthropology degrees (random, right?), and their shared passion is to travel the globe. She has a horrible chip addiction, and she gets sad when her wine rack is empty.

At the end of the day, she is a true romantic at heart. She loves writing the swoony and spicy of romantic comedies, and the sexy and dangerous of suspense. She aims to make her readers weak in the knees, laugh out loud, maybe sweat a little, and above all, fall in love.

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