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Love at First Site by Phoebe MacLeod

Love At First Site


It’s a relationship under construction, and there are no warning signs…

Project Manager Ella Mackenzie thought she had her whole life perfectly mapped
out – just like one of her colour-coded spreadsheets. She is the last person to do anything
reckless or impulsive.

But when her and her terrible boyfriend split, she is left single, homeless and without a backup plan.

Suddenly, her whole worldly belongings are crammed into the back of her little Fiat, and she’s driving two-hundred-and-fifty miles across the country to start a new job that she should never have accepted in an industry she knows nothing about. What could possibly go wrong?

Ella doesn’t know the first thing about building sites, but thankfully Noah Harris is an expert in construction and is there to show her the ropes (and the ladders).

And, as Ella is about to find out, he’s an expert in a few other things too…


This story is right up my alley. My husband is a home designer and a builder and Ms. McLeod does a great job explaining the precise and organized way to order building supplies on a schedule that most likely will have to change due to wrong orders, no deliveries, etc. Enter a desperate project manager who knows little about building materials, but is stubborn enough and determined enough to deal with all the mysterious setbacks caused by a corrupt woman with a nefarious agenda.

The story is told from Ella’s point of view about a down-on-her-luck project manager at a software company who is thrown under the bus by her boyfriend and colleague. Having no luck finding a job near her current home she has to take what she can get as a project manager at a building site several hours away. The cute site foreman is kind and helpful, but she needs to prove herself as a lone female in a male-dominated field. In addition, her pay is much less than her previous job, the office is an unorganized mess, her new digs are called the “caravan of shit”, and her new boss, Deborah, is called The Evil Bitch Queen (and rightly so). Can Ella get this site up and running smoothly, or will she fail and have to go live with her parents?

Ella is not one to back down on a challenge and boy, is this job a clusterfuck. I was glad she finally dumped her narcissistic ex-boyfriend after he treated her so despicably and may I add that I think that part of the book could have been shorter. It picked up after she started her new job working with Noah, the funny and supportive site foreman, and John, the bombastic and loveable team leader, who has a convoluted way of nicknaming his colleagues.

The way Ella deals with everything is commendable as she grows and becomes an exceptional leader. And, it’s understandable Ella is a little skittish acting on an attraction with Noah considering that was a no-no in her previous job, but Noah is one of the good guys who treats her as an equal and gives her a chance. Ella is due to have a happy ever after and Noah is a perfect fit.

The best part of all was when Deborah and Ella’s ex, Lee, got what they deserved. Karma, baby!

Despite the book dragging a little bit at the beginning, I am delighted to recommend this romantic comedy filled with fun British idioms and compelling characters.

Thank you to Ms. MacLeod for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



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Phoebe MacLeodPhoebe MacLeod is the author of several popular laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She mainly sets her books in her home county of Kent and her first new title for Boldwood will be published in November 2022. They will also be republishing her existing titles from August this year.

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