Book Review: Drive-by Shouting by Mark Chase (9781911559122)

41tKonwJ7bL._SY346_Oh, how those girls had loved an artist; now, guitars were carried by buskers and out of touch wannabes, while guys who couldn’t play a note, but called themselves DJs, got laid every night.

Matt and Gram were down and out band members in England finally on there way to the top when they were dropped from their record label.  By pure dumb luck, desperation and selling out, Matt became a TV celebrity and family man, and at 36 years old Gram kept his integrity as a musician by riding the bus to play gigs at local taverns with minimal pay.   After several years and many bad decisions, the fame and fortune comes back to bite Matt in the butt, and he asks Gram for help to which Gram immediately turns him down.  The story goes on to include secrets, revenge, and karma.

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Book review: Terror from Beyond Middle England by Sarah Crabtree (9780972832168)

I understand that Sarah Crabtree is a horror fiction writer though this novel seems to be in a different vein.

Zara is an unusual, small-town temp travelling through middle England who stumbles upon odd characters on the way.

I have to go along with the majority of reviews on this one that the story was all over the place. It is a book that if you stop reading it for a while and come back to it, it is hard to remember what happened before. I’m still trying to figure out what is the point of this novel.