Book review: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink (0375707972)

It is a tragic story of lost innocence, guilt, and regret. Hanna is a mysterious older woman who becomes involved with a young, 15-year old boy named Michael. Michael is drawn in by Hanna’s mystery and enjoys reading to her during their meetings. When Hanna appears again a few years later–to Michael’s horror and surprise–she is not who he thought she was. Or was she? I miss this kind of story where the characters are mysterious and secretive and they never truly reveal their feelings throughout the story.

Book review: Terror from Beyond Middle England by Sarah Crabtree (9780972832168)

I understand that Sarah Crabtree is a horror fiction writer though this novel seems to be in a different vein.

Zara is an unusual, small-town temp travelling through middle England who stumbles upon odd characters on the way.

I have to go along with the majority of reviews on this one that the story was all over the place. It is a book that if you stop reading it for a while and come back to it, it is hard to remember what happened before. I’m still trying to figure out what is the point of this novel.

Book Review: Critical Mass by Kathleen Henry (9780595524129)

This book has stories told by four Catholic women in four different eras. It was hard to follow, but at the end Henry has a list of how all the narrators were connected. It was interesting enough and short enough that I read the whole thing, but it didn’t affect me personally like it would others who are closer to this subject.