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First Comes Love Then Comes Money by Bethany & Scott Palmer

Have you ever spent money without telling your partner? Have you ever applied for a credit card without your spouse knowing? If so, you are cheating on your loved one. It’s called financial infidelity.

This book is more about saving your relationship than saving your money. The Palmer’s are professional financial advisors and they have determined that people have five money personalities: The Saver, The Spender, The Risk Taker, The Security Seeker, and The Flyer. They then proceed to help you identify your and your partner’s money personality, find your “financial infidelity quotient” by taking a short 19-question quiz and then teach you rules to communicate financially with your partner. The book has several case studies, including examples from the authors’ own relationship, which opened this reader’s eyes to what extent financial infidelity can affect a relationship.

I have to admit I was anxious to read this book because my fiancé and I were already having financial disagreements. The hardest part for me was to identify my own financial infidelities and then get my partner to read this book and identify his. I believe that this book will help us better communicate about finances and most importantly be sensitive to our partner’s feelings. This is a new and important look at why so many relationships fail and how we can possibly save them before it is too late.