Book Review, Reincarnation, Series, Suspense, Thriller

The Book of Lost Fragrances by M.J. Rose

Jac L’Etoile and her brother Robbie are the products of a revered perfume dynasty involving mysterious fragrances and the history behind them.  However, their father is in a home with dementia and has left the company close to ruins.  Will they have to sell off their most notable fragrances or has Robbie found a valuable Egyptian artifact filled with a unique fragrance that could make them millions?

Can Jac, who is not in the perfume business anymore, come back and help her brother who has become a suspect in a murder investigation and can she bear to team up with her former lover and close friend of her brother who betrayed her so many years ago?

This is a maze of a book.  Fourth in The Reincarnationist series, this is a tale of intrigue and how the hunt for a fragrance instills danger, passion and memories of past lives that can either enrich or destroy those who dare to take it.

Thank you to Ms. Rose, Simon and Schuster, Inc. and NetGalley for giving me this opportunity to review this book.

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