Book Review, Hieroglyphs, Nonfiction

Whose Cartouche is That? by Artie Rae DeNoyer

One of the best ways to learn hieroglyphs is to study the names of the kings.

Ms. DeNoyer’s study aide is a “compilation of ancient Egyptian king names from Dynasty 0 to the Ptolemaic Dynasty with hieroglyphs, transliteration, and translation”. Indeed the handbook is geared towards those people who are interested in Egyptian hieroglyphs whether they are students or travelers getting ready to embark on a trip to Egypt.

I had a fascination with hieroglyphs back in middle school when I did a presentation for the class.  When I was asked to review this book, I was brought back to the time where I discovered hieroglyphs so many years ago and was excited about the opportunity to learn more.  I found the instructions easy to follow with color-coded translations and hieroglyphs that identify the designations of each reigning ancient Egyptian king.

Ms. DeNoyer has made a great guide for those interested in Egyptian hieroglyphs and includes a nice bibliography that contains works on hieroglyphs, Pharaohs, Gods of Egypt, Ancient Egypt, pyramids, and mummies.  Information about more ArtiEgyptos learning tools can be found at

Thank you to Ms. DeNoyer and Review Direct for giving me the opportunity to review this book.