The Eleventh Plague Featured
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The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

It is good to see a young male protagonist in a young adult fiction novel.  I was beginning to wonder if they existed.

Stephen Quinn, 15,  and his father are living in a post apocalyptic world which was devastated by an unknown plague.  They travel around the country as salvagers who trade their wares to stay alive.  However, their luck has run out and they stumble upon some slavers which leads to a horrible injury to Stephen’s dad.  Lost and alone Stephen has to rely on strangers (something his grandfather said to never do) to help him get a handle on his life.  The strangers are part of a place called Settlers’ Landing  who have learned to sustain life as they know it.  Fortunately, Stephen has found a friend in an orphan named Jenny who refuses to accept things as they are.  But can Stephen trust all of them?

This is an interesting take on a dystopian world that is a fast-paced story with a good plot.  The characters are interesting and believable.  This young adult novel will spur you on to read the next one in the series to find out what happens to Stephen and Jenny.  The narrator, Dan Bittner, does a great job bringing the characters to life.  Read an excerpt.

Thank you to SYNC YA Literature for giving me the opportunity to download and listen to this audiobook for free.

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