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Scapegoat: A Flight Crews Journey from Heroes to Villains to Redemption by Emilio Corsetti III

This is a clear case of negligence.  After 3 years of interviews and research, the author tells the true story of Flight TWA 841 which almost had a near fatal crash on April 4, 1979.  After reading the pilots’ details of the event, the interviews of the pilots by FAA agents and others, the false allegations picked up by the media, and the investigation into the near crash, the biased investigators and review board found fault with the pilots.

After reviewing the documents that Corsetti provided in his book, the negligence would fall on Boeing, TWA and the media instead of the pilots.  After 37 years and finding the same mechanical flaws in other flights with fatal crashes, the board still stands with their decision against the pilots even though they have improved the flaws that almost caused Flight TWA 841 to crash.

An engaging read about pilots hoping to clear their names from an event where they should have gone down in history as heroes.  Instead, they are scapegoats for Boeing, and TWA to some extent, to hide a mechanical flaw that causes fatal crashes after the 1979 event so they can continue to make billions of dollars and save their reputation.

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