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18 Seconds (Sherry Moore #1) by George D. Shuman


Sherry Moore, a beautiful, blind psychic, has the extraordinary ability to ‘see’ the last eighteen seconds of a murder victim’s life by touching the corpse. She uses her gift to help others solve mysteries only she can tap into. Serial killer Earl Sykes never got caught for his vicious murders. Instead, it was a deadly auto accident that landed him in prison. Now, years later, he is free and hungry for revenge.

Setting his sights on Lieutenant Kelly O’Shaunisy, the daughter of his captor, he returns to his seaside hometown of Wildwood, New Jersey — and to his gruesome, murderous ways.When Lieutenant O’Shaunisy begins to investigate the disappearance of young women from desolate areas of the boardwalk, she encounters frustrating dead-end clues and more deaths. Her desperation leads her to accept Sherry’s help, but not without consequences.

Together, the two women set out to discover the identity of the killer and become entangled in a dangerous web that could cost them their lives. With two memorable heroines, pulse-pounding suspense, and twists that will keep readers guessing until the last pages, “18 Seconds” introduces a powerful writing talent to the suspense scene.


I found the blind psychic’s ability to “see” a dead person’s last memories before dying to be a great twist! I hope to see Sherry in other Shuman books.


18 Seconds

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George D. Shumanis author of Lost GirlsLast Breath, and the Edgar Award–nominated 18 Seconds. A retired twenty-year veteran of the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department, he resides in the mountains of southwest Pennsylvania, where he now writes full-time.

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