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Beneath the Mountain by Luca D’Andrea

That’s how it always is.  In the ice, first you hear the voice of the Beast, then you die.

What was beneath the mountain and what really happened in Italy to the three young people murdered on April 28, 1985?  Jeremiah Salinger was determined to find out.  He was a writer from New Jersey who partnered with his friend Mike to make documentaries for the new series, Road Crew.  After the success of their first documentary, they needed to find another masterpiece and his wife, Annelise’s native German village, Siebenhoch, in Italy, was the ticket.  Little did he know that the documentary on the Dolomite Mountain Rescue would stir up an unsolved murder that he was determined to solve.

Why were the young people murdered and how is his father-in-law involved?  Are the stories true about the beast beneath the mountain?  Will his obsession with the murders drive his family away?

Mr. D’Andrea’s first thriller is just that!  The detail and depth of the story reads like a biography written in first person and it makes your emotions run wild.  I found this book very hard to put down and would recommend it to those who want a twist on psychological thrillers.  I’m eager to read more from this author.

Thank you to Mr. D’Andrea, Harper Collins Publishing and Edelweiss for giving me the opportunity to read this book!