#BookReview: The Savage Shore (A Nic Costa Mystery Book 10) by David Hewson @david_hewson ‏ @severnhouse #LoveBooksGroup

Publication Day: 1 November 2018
Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd
ISBN: B07JGM35N4 (Kindle book)
Pages: 499
Category:  Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Police Procedural


Detective Nic Costa finds himself a stranger in a strange land when he’s sent to infiltrate the mob in a remote part of southern Italy.

Roman police detective Nic Costa has been sent undercover to Italy’s beautiful, remote Calabrian coast to bring in the head of the feared mob, the ‘Ndrangheta, who has offered to turn state witness for reasons of his own.

Hoping to reel in the biggest prize the state police have seen in years, the infamous Butcher of Palermo, Costa, and his team are aware the stakes are high. But the constant deception is taking its toll. Out of their depth in a lawless part of Italy where they are the outcasts, not the men in the hills, with their shotguns and rough justice, the detectives find themselves pitched as much against one another as the mob. As the tension rises, it’s clear the operation is not going to plan. Is Nic Costa getting too close to the enemy for comfort – and is there a traitor among them …? Continue reading “#BookReview: The Savage Shore (A Nic Costa Mystery Book 10) by David Hewson @david_hewson ‏ @severnhouse #LoveBooksGroup”

Book Review: Beneath the Mountain by Luca D’Andrea (eBook)

51AibAn64oLThat’s how it always is.  In the ice, first you hear the voice of the Beast, then you die.

What was beneath the mountain and what really happened in Italy to the three young people murdered on April 28, 1985?  Jeremiah Salinger was determined to find out.  He was a writer from New Jersey who partnered with his friend Mike to make documentaries for the new series, Road Crew.  After the success of their first documentary, they needed to find another masterpiece and his wife, Annelise’s native German village, Siebenhoch, in Italy, was the ticket.  Little did he know that the documentary on the Dolomite Mountain Rescue would stir up an unsolved murder that he was determined to solve.

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