When The Serpent Bites
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When the Serpent Bites (The Starks Trilogy #1) by Nesly Clerge

“You have to come to terms with what you can do and let go of thoughts about what you want to do but can’t.”

Frederick Starks had it all, a beautiful wife, three wonderful kids, a beautiful home and a thriving business, but his neat and tidy life came to an abrupt halt when he found out his wife betrayed him.  When Starks takes the law into his own hands, he is convicted and thrown into a maximum security prison where he has to learn quickly to survive in a very dangerous environment.

Starks is an anti-hero.  He comes across as arrogant and entitled, but also vulnerable and exposed.  He not only tries to come to terms about his wife’s betrayal, but also struggles to just stay alive.  Will his quick wits and business savvy keep him alive, or will more secrets in his life be his undoing?  The reader will have to find out in the second of Clerge’s Stark’s Trilogy, When the Dragon Roars.

This award-winning debut novel is fast-paced with twists and turns, and delves into a man’s psyche after a devastating blow to his ego.  The reader becomes intrigued and engrossed in Starks’ fight to survive emotionally and physically in an environment so drastically different from his own.  Starks’ grandfather’s words sum it up, “You reap what you sow, Freddy. Remember that.”  If you like suspense and crime thrillers, you’ll enjoy this book.

Thank you to Mr. Clerge and Clergebooks, LLC for giving me the opportunity to review his book!

About the Author

Nesly Clerge received his bachelor’s degree in physiology and neurobiology at the University of Maryland, and later pursued a doctoral degree in the field of chiropractic medicine. Although his background is primarily science-based, he has 4bb05eaa81c2d9094d0f7e63097e976dfinally embraced his lifelong passion for writing.  Clerge’s debut novel and first in the Starks Trilogy, When the Serpent Bites, received the gold medal international book award for best fiction from Readers’ Favorite. The trilogy explores choices, consequences, and the complexities of human emotions, especially when we are placed in a less-than-desirable setting.  When he is not writing, Clerge manages several multidisciplinary clinics. He enjoys reading, chess, traveling, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with his significant other and his sons. For more information regarding his books, please visit Clergebooks.com.

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