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Forget Me Not (Detective Jess Bishop #1) by Kierney Scott

“Please don’t recognize me, she silently prayed. Even now, nearly thirty years later, her gut clenched when she met new people, especially law enforcement. It was stupid. The odds of someone recognizing her now were slim but every time the panic was real.”

FBI Special Agent Jessica “Jess” Bishop has a secret which has held her hostage for years. When investigating another body found dismembered with the head severed clean from the torso, the similarities with this case and her past could not be denied. The nightmares have been coming back more frequently. Only a few people she trusts know about her past. Her ex-partner FBI Special Agent Jamison Briggs who she hasn’t seen in a long time, her bosses and the department psychologist and good friend. She needs to solve the case soon or she will have to risk telling them about the similarities and she didn’t want to relive the pain and humiliation again.

When Jess finds out Jamison has returned from an undercover assignment with a few secrets of his own, it is hard to forget the terrible things she said when he left. He had been her best friend and that is why it had hurt so much when he’d left. His return confuses and angers her and she cannot handle the choices in his life, so she panics and makes a bad choice of her own. Will her feelings for Jamison push her over the edge, and will her choices get her killed?

I like stories about strong and vulnerable characters. Jess is the ultimate, bad ass agent who does everything by the book, but she has serious trust issues that make her reckless. Jamison tries to protect Jess from herself, but his feelings go deeper than just co-workers and he can’t afford to act on them. It’s a fast-paced, crime thriller with dark secrets, a twisted serial killer, an unsuspected ending and best of all, another book in the series. I can’t wait to read more about Jess and Jamison in the next book.

Thank you to Ms. Scott, Bookouture and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this great start to a new series!


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