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Attracted to the Earl (The Imperfect Lord Book 3) by Bronwen Evans


What’s an earl to do?
The Earl of Argyle has died suddenly, leaving his brother Guy Neville at a complete loss. The dull-witted second son, as his father used to call him, Guy is now responsible for the estate and his brother’s seat in the House of Lords. Shamed by an inability to read or write, his distress is multiplied by an inquiry from a dyed-in-the-wool bluestocking who wishes to use the Argyle library and study a rare plant on the estate. Guy’s first instinct is to decline her request—until he catches a glimpse of Miss Abigail Pinehurst.

How’s a girl to behave?
Abigail cares for only one thing: plants. She is unconcerned about how she looks, what she wears, or the impression she makes on men. An orphan who turned to books for solace in a miserly, cruel institution, she now makes her living illustrating the greenery she adores. Lord Argyle, in fact, with his uncanny memory and chiseled features, is the first man to capture her attention—a ridiculous distraction since he is so far above her station. But her unreasonable heart has a mind of its own.


I have read many romances in my day and the plot in this book is notable for the unexpected subject of illiteracy in the nobility.

His father’s stupid, idiot son was now the earl. The boy who could not read or write, the boy his father had beaten until he was almost unconscious on several occasions, but that still did not make Guy able to read or write . . . was now the Earl of Argyle. His father must be turning in his grave, and Guy liked that idea.

Guy never wanted to be Earl of Argyle, but his beloved brother’s death left his legacy to Guy. Now Guy’s secret of being illiterate may be discovered by his evil cousin, Patrick, who is next in line to the Earldom. And Patrick would try anything to discover Guy’s secret…even murder.

Lies, all lies. How she hated the lies that followed her everywhere she went. That is why she never let anyone close. And now Patrick Neville added to her lies.

Guy’s cousin Patrick blackmailed Abigail to spy on Guy to find out his secret. With the attraction building between them, she cannot reveal his secret, but she cannot stick around for her secrets to be discovered either. 

An interesting and suspenseful romantic mystery with vulnerable, but strong and determined protagonists who rise up from their horrible childhoods to find love. 

If you like “imperfect” heroines and heroes, give this book a try. It is third in the series but reads well on its own. Highly recommend!

Thank you to Ms. Evans, Loveswept, and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectations of a positive review given.


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Bronwen EvansUSA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans grew up loving books. She writes both historical and contemporary sexy romances for the modern woman who likes intelligent, spirited heroines, and compassionate alpha heroes. Evans is a three-time winner of the RomCon Readers’ Crown and has been nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award. She lives in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand with her dogs Brandy and Duke.

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