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Reclaimed by Her Rebel Knight by Jenni Fletcher

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Married to a perfect stranger

Reunited with her warrior husband

When Constance inherited her father’s lands she had no choice but to marry cold-hearted Matthew Wintour. He left her for the battlefield without even a wedding night. Five years later Matthew has returned—a valiant knight! But Constance is no longer a frightened girl. And this time she must reach out to discover the honourable man behind the armour and what pleasures await them in the marriage bed…


Marriage to Matthew Wintour, the eldest son of a neighbouring baron, had been the safest, most practical option, but while their union had meant he would become one of the most powerful men in the country some day, all it had made her was his wife.

Five years ago Lady Constance Lacelby was orphaned at age 14 and in order to keep her home and fortune, she was married to a stranger, Matthew Wintour, adding her to a long list of properties owned by his family. Immediately after the ceremony he left to fight for his King without even a goodbye and now is back to claim his wife and go home. Can she make a life with a scowling stranger?

Because of his actions and mistakes, she was a Wintour, which meant that he had no choice but to do the right thing by her even if he’d managed to fail just about every other woman in his life.

Matthew knows nothing about being a husband. After getting married to her 5 years ago he went off to fight for his King and country. Now he is back and has to subject her to his strange family dynamics and his secrets about the king that could get him killed. Can he protect her from his family and his actions?

Constance is wise beyond her years with her maturity and composure under pressure which are great assets to help Matthew contend with his unhappy relationship with his manipulative father.  Matthew is a likable tragic hero who is determined to protect Constance from his past secrets and current choices.

I chose this book because it’s been a long time since I read a medieval romance. It is a sweet love story with a caring heroine and a hero that needs saving. Overall a great book!


Reclaimed By Her Rebel Knight

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Jenni FletcherJenni Fletcher is Scottish by birth, but now lives in Yorkshire where she writes Medieval, Roman, Victorian and Regency romance novels. She studied English at Cambridge and Hull University and now teaches Creative Writing at a small university in the north of England. Her favourite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion and her favourite Brontë is Anne. If she had to choose a romantic hero it would be John Thornton, but maybe that’s just because she’s northern.

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