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Hanging On (Sisters in a Small Town Book 2) by Holly Kerr


It’s been eight months since Maggie’s husband died and she’s doing fine–if you don’t count the strange wish to jump over the grave at the funeral, the weekly chats with Mike’s ghost, and the possible assault charge from the woman she punched in the FoodMart.

Maggie thinks she’s doing just fine. Her sisters have been there to help but as the oldest, Maggie is used to being the one they lean on, not the other way around.

And then comes the week that changes everything. Grown daughters coming home with babies and boyfriends, not to mention wayward sister Dory, looking to make trouble. There’s even a new man in town who thinks Maggie’s ready to move on. And why is this time for Maggie to decide to find her real mother? Like everything else she’s faced, Maggie has dealt with her mother issues. Having the ghost of the woman who raised her has been enough.

What does it take for Maggie to realize that she’s not fine–she’s barely hanging on?

But she has her sisters ready to help–if they don’t make things worse.


Hanging On is a delightful and warm book about family heartbreak and new beginnings.

Maggie’s family life is complicated. She lost her beloved husband 8 months ago, her eldest daughter is pregnant from a man who is not her husband, her other daughter is dating a man twice her age, her long-lost sister has returned with a frightening announcement, and she has quit her job of 30 years. With her volatile household in chaos will she be able to hold it together and find happiness in a widower’s arms, or will her sisters have to pick up the pieces?

Ms. Kerr’s story of a multi-generational family in turmoil is believable and full of love and drama as only sisters create.

This is book 2 of the Sisters in a Small Town series and can be read on its own, and I definitely plan to read more books by Ms. Kerr. Recommend highly!

Thank you to Ms. Kerr for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Hanging On

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Holly KerrHolly Kerr writes chick-lit with the sole purpose of showing the world there is more to the genre than pretty shoes and brooding heroes. Except for J.B in Unexpecting. He can be kind of broody.

When she’s not writing, Holly spends time with her kids, watching Star Wars and super hero movies and training for this marathon she signed up for.

Find out more at www.hollykerr.ca, Facebook and Twitter.

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