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Captured By Her Enemy Knight by Nicole Locke

Captured by Her Enemy Knight


Falling for the man

Cressida Howe, the Archer, is a well-tuned weapon. But she’s also a woman captivated by a man—Eldric of Hawskmoor, the warrior knight her father ordered her to kill. Instead, for years, Cressida has simply watched him… Now she’s been captured by her formidable enemy, and her well-ordered world comes crashing down, for Eldric is even more compelling up close. Cressida curses her traitorous heart—this assassin has fallen for her target!


This is my second Nicole Locke book. The first was Her Dark Knight’s Redemption.  The author has a way of seizing a reader’s attention in the first few pages and never letting go.

Cressida is her father’s weapon. Nicknamed the Archer, she is trained to protect her father and kill on his orders. But she faltered and shot an arrow at him because of a woman’s pleas for her and her husband’s lives. Now Cressida is banished with no family. A weapon alone. To survive on her own and fend off the mercenaries sent as a game…as punishment by her father. Then in a moment of weakness, she is captured by her enemy, Eldric Hawksmoor, a spy for King Edward. Eldric. The man she has protected since she was a child. The man her father wanted dead. The man who believes she murdered his comrades.  The man she loves. But he would never love a weapon like her. A killer so scarred and ugly. 

Eldric is a giant among men and has come a long way to capture and see The Archer executed. However, he is stunned to find out The Archer is a woman. An enigma. A contradiction. A beauty. A killer. But she risked her life and saved him after he tied her up and left her vulnerable. And he saw her scars, both physical and mental, given to her by her madman of a father who tortured her to become his weapon. She is a warrior. She knows her own strengths. She believes in herself. She is perfect. Perfect for him.

Cressida is badass and vulnerable at the same time. She is confident as a warrior, but not as a woman. She puts up a good fight to keep Eldric at bay, but because she has loved him from afar for so long her defenses crumble. Eldric is the first and only person in her life to show her kindness and comfort and he also shows his vulnerable side by talking about his fallen comrades and apologizing to Cressida for his harsh words. They are such a tragic pair that they deserve all the love they can give to each other. 

This is a truly tragic romance worthy of a HEA ending though it felt like things were left unfinished. Perhaps there will be a sequel? 

Thank you to Ms. Locke for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review. 


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Nicole LockeNicole first discovered romance novels hidden in her grandmother’s closet. Convinced hidden books must be better, Nicole greedily read them. It was only natural she should start writing them (but now not so secretly).

If she isn’t working on the next book in her historical series, she can be reached at!

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