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The Day She Came Back by Amanda Prowse


From the bestselling author of The Girl in the Corner comes a story that asks: how do you forgive the family that lied to you, and love the mum you never had?

When her loving, free-spirited grandmother Primrose passes away, Victoria is bereft, yet resilient—she has survived tragedy before. But even her strength is tested when a mysterious woman attends Prim’s funeral and claims to be the mother Victoria thought was dead.

As the two women get to know each other and Victoria begins to learn more about her past, it becomes clear that her beloved grandmother had been keeping life-changing secrets from her. Desperate for answers, she still struggles to trust anyone to tell her the truth.

To live a full and happy life, Victoria knows she must not only uncover the truth, but find a way to forgive her family. But after so many years, is trusting them even possible?


I have read my share of tearjerkers, but this realistic and heartbreaking novel tackling abandonment and drug abuse had me sobbing by the end.  

Victoria is a complex character with spunk and fortitude who seeks out the unbelievable secret her beloved Grandmother Prim had left behind after her death and who gradually comes to terms with her past. Victoria’s stages of grief are normal from denial to anger and from depression to acceptance. It is a very real and a very painful process to cope with, especially if you are left alone in the world. However, after a rocky start, she has her wonderfully supportive best friend Daksha and her family to help her through this painful time, as well as Prim’s companion Gerald who so eloquently rescues her from a few bad decisions.

But as the secret is revealed and Victoria finds out about her family’s devastating past it is a gut-wrenching and heartwarming reunion filled with anger, desperation, and finally love that makes this book one of my favorites of the year. If you enjoy deeply moving prose with diverse and captivating characters, please give this book a try…and keep the tissues near.

Thank you to Ms. Prowse for giving me the opportunity to read this book without expectation of a positive review.



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amanda-prowseAmanda Prowse is one of the UK’s most prolific and loved storytellers with global sales of 8 million copies and legions of loyal readers.  Based in the West Country, Amanda is the author of 25 novels and 7 novellas with books sold in 22 countries and translated into 12 languages– no mean feat when you consider her first novel was only published in 2012!

A passionate reader since her first visit to the local library aged 6, Amanda would read everything and anything and – armed with her precious library ticket – would spend hours reading loved Enid Blyton, Anna Sewell, Judi Blume, Nina Bawden while scribbling short stories of her own. As time passed, she moved onto the more risqué delights of Lace, The Thorn Birds and A Woman of Substance; gritty, emotional stories that would inform her writing. 

A powerful storyteller and a master of the addictive plot, Amanda’s rich imagination and prolific writing talent has seen her write over 20 bestsellers with millions of copies sold across the world. She often writes for 15 hours a day and sees her plots like movies in her mind that she’s compelled to get down on paper. These heartfelt human stories have made her one of the most successful female writers of contemporary fiction today and she has become a regular interviewee on TV and radio as well as a successful journalistic writer. 

Amanda’s ambition has always been to create stories that keep people from turning the bedside lamp off at night; great characters that stay with you and stories that inhabit your mind so you can’t possibly read another book until the memory fades. She is also a passionate supporter of military charities and those that support women’s causes and holds regular ‘Evenings with Amanda’ events as fundraisers for her chosen charities.

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