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Dangerous in a Kilt (Hot Scots Book 1) by Anna Durand


Four weeks. No strings. One hot mess.

Good-girl Erica Teague is out on bail, charged with a crime her ex-lover committed. A lifetime of sticking to the rules has left her broke, burned, and facing a trial and certain conviction, thanks to the evidence planted by her trust-funder ex. Desperate to experience one wild night of sizzling sex before her freedom is torn away from her, Erica heads to a notorious night club in search of a one-night stand — where a case of mistaken identity lands her in the arms of a hot Scot with a secret past.

The passion igniting between them is explosive, but Lachlan MacTaggart wants nothing to do with relationships or commitment. When he offers Erica one month of sex and companionship with no strings, she can’t resist succumbing to her electric lust for the Scotsman. Soon, though, Erica’s ex begins harassing her and Lachlan’s haunted past catches up with him. When their hot fling gets personal, the last thing either of them wanted may become the one thing that frees their imprisoned hearts.


I read Lethal in a Kilt, Book 7 in this series as a standalone and loved the delightful MacTaggert family so much I wanted to start from the beginning.  With Lachlan and Erica’s four-week pact of hot sex with no ties, how could I resist?

Erica doesn’t have long before her life as she sees it is over, so why not have a month-long fling with the sexy Scot next door who will return to Scotland? No personal questions are allowed so he won’t find out about her secret. She has nothing to lose, right? Tell that to her heart. At least she has her dog, Casey. He’s the one male, besides her dad, who she can count on.

Lachlan and Erica don’t have a lot in common other than they have been betrayed by people they cared about. Erica’s determination to stay positive and have a good time despite her ill-fated future is commendable but bleak. She’s not the type to have a casual relationship, but her life is what it is. Lachlan’s unwavering plans to woo Erica by surprising her with simple and extremely romantic gestures confuse Erica to the extent where she bares her feelings. But he’s sticking to the deal and will return to Scotland. Who is she to want a future with Lachlan?  She won’t be free to enjoy her life.

Overall, I am elated to recommend this lovely story with a unique plot, a strong heroine, and a seductive Scot with a lust for romance. If you enjoy big sexy Scots, pick up this series, it won’t disappoint.


Dangerous in a Kilt

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Anna DurandAnna Durand loves romance, men in kilts, and cheesecake. Not always in that order. She slaves away every day writing about sexy people doing sexy things together, with heart and humor and sometimes with suspense. With paranormal stories, she explores the darker side of romance. With contemporary romance, she delves into the emotional side of love and sensuality.

Readers and reviewers have blessed Anna’s books with wonderful reviews, giving her a nice glowy feeling that she’s doing something right. Her books have become bestsellers on every major retail site, hitting #1 multiple times. The Hot Scots series remains Anna’s personal favorite and a favorite among her fans. Who can resist a hunky Scotsman?

Anna also has a master’s degree in library science, so naturally, she made Calli in Wicked in a Kilt a librarian too. For twelve years and counting, Anna has run a cataloging services company that creates cataloging-in-publication data for other authors and publishers. And when she’s not doing that or writing, you’ll find her binging on audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting handmade jewelry.

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