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Natural Satisfaction (Au Naturel Trilogy, #3) by Anna Durand

Natural Satisfaction


Making a fool of myself over a man has become a bad habit, so I’m taking time off from dating while I recuperate at my favorite nudist resort. Where my ex, Ollie, works. With his fiancée. And with his wickedly hot best friend, Damian Petrescu.

Damian has made it clear he wants me, but I’ve made a pledge to stay celibate for at least six months. Yeah, he’s hot. Soooo hot. But I’ve got this pledge to keep. What is it? Something about no men, no dating, no sex…

Heidi Mackenzie used to be the sexiest girl on earth, but now she dresses like a frumpy college freshman. But damn, those cargo pants make me want her even more. Ollie says Heidi needs friends right now, not a lover. Well, if sexy little Heidi needs a friend, I volunteer for the job. As long as it comes with benefits…


I received a request by Ms. Durand to review the last in the Au Naturel Trilogy. It’s a lackluster finish set in a nudist resort.

Damian can read my palm anytime. He’s a hot gypsy and friend of Ollie from book 2 who quit his job as a corrections officer to be a concierge and fortune teller at the resort. He has a reputation as a player with cocky and arrogant ways, but he’s really a sweet guy who is falling for Heidi, one of the Kitten Brigade who comes to the resort every year. However, Heidi is not the carefree and self-assured person he thought her to be and she just wants to be friends with no benefits. He always loved a challenge.

Falling for the wrong guy is Heidi’s demise. So when she made a humiliating mistake last year of throwing herself at Ollie, a good guy who had a girlfriend, she had to be convinced to join the Kitten Brigade and return to the scene. Her self-confidence is crap and she refuses to walk around nude. In fact, her clothes are her protection for her broken heart, but Damien sees through her ruse and is determined to get her to open up. She must not sleep with him. Famous last words.

Of the three books, this is my least favorite. I think because Heidi wasn’t my favorite character from the previous books and I couldn’t get past that. I understand she has crappy parents who blamed her for their problems and that she thinks she didn’t deserve good men, but she just seemed so hot and cold toward Damian. As for Damian, he is overly cocky and the whole fortune telling gypsy thing is pretty hokey, but he does try to tone it down for Heidi’s sake despite her moods. One last thing which is a pet peeve for me is that the cover of the book did not reflect the characters accurately.

Overall, this hot romcom fell short in the character department, but I love the venue of a nudist resort.

Thank you to Ms. Durand for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Natural Satisfaction

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