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Natural Impulse (Au Naturel Trilogy, Book 2) by Anna Durand


I’m a computer nerd who can’t keep a girlfriend, but now I’ve got the best job ever as assistant manager at Au Naturel Naturist Resort. As a naturist–aka nudist–I’m right at home here. Until Mara Severins shows up. She’s wicked hot, but the girl thinks “naturist” means birdwatching, and when she catches her first glimpse of all the naked guests here, she freaks out.

What else can I do? My job, that’s what. I take care of the guests, which means I have to babysit Mara. It would help if I didn’t develop an, um, embarrassing condition every time I see her. She’s an uptight city girl at a rural nudist resort, so yeah… Mission control, we’ve got a problem.

Her wacky hang-ups drive me almost as crazy as her sexy body does. Then she kisses me. Then I kiss her. And then things start to get out of hand, and the line between assistant manager and guest gets awfully blurry.


After reading Natural Passion, Book 1 of the Au Naturel Trilogy, I couldn’t wait to pick up Book 2 and read about the shy, nerdy, and sexy Oliver “Ollie” Jackson.  It did not disappoint.

Ollie is a man any woman could ask for. He is respectful, considerate, smart and hot as hell.  He thinks he is a nerd and has bad luck with women loving and leaving him, but he’s met his match with Mara.

Mara is beautiful, neurotic, prudish, and has never explored the great outdoors, but Ollie can cure all that.  A man has never made her feel so good about herself and so happy.  Is it too good to be true?

I love Ollie and Mara’s story. They are quirky and insecure at first, but you can see the mutual respect and love build which is wonderful to see. Mara’s abrasive mom took some getting used to, but she comes around eventually and got a laugh or two out of me.  I also love Mara’s dad who is a little late in the game for standing up to his wife, but he has been Mara’s true support system throughout her life. Ollie’s best friend, Damian, is a ladies man, but I have a feeling in the next book, he may be taken down a peg or two.  And of course, it was great fun to see the Kittens and the other vacationers playing miniten, doing yoga, and just hanging out au naturel.

Overall, this is a sexy and fun romantic comedy with hilarious adventures, and endearing characters.  If you want a sexy romantic read this summer, pick this one up.

Thank you to Ms. Durand for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



Anna DurandAnna Durand loves romance, men in kilts, and cheesecake. Not always in that order. She slaves away every day writing about sexy people doing sexy things together, with heart and humor and sometimes with suspense. With paranormal stories, she explores the darker side of romance. With contemporary romance, she delves into the emotional side of love and sensuality.

Readers and reviewers have blessed Anna’s books with wonderful reviews, giving her a nice glowy feeling that she’s doing something right. Her books have become bestsellers on every major retail site, hitting #1 multiple times. The Hot Scots series remains Anna’s personal favorite and a favorite among her fans. Who can resist a hunky Scotsman?

Anna also has a master’s degree in library science, so naturally, she made Calli in Wicked in a Kilt a librarian too. For twelve years and counting, Anna has run a cataloging services company that creates cataloging-in-publication data for other authors and publishers. And when she’s not doing that or writing, you’ll find her binging on audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting handmade jewelry.

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