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An Unfettered Journey by Gary Bengier


Set in a richly envisioned future world, Unfettered Journey is the story of an AI scientist who seeks to create robot consciousness and discovers the resilience of the human spirit. He travels to a small college to progress his quest, but instead finds love, a secret plot by unjust forces, and the answers to his fundamental questions—the nature of the conscious mind and free will.

This book is a profound, many-layered journey. It is a love story and an adventure. It traces struggle and resilience in an imperfect world. It is a deep philosophical exploration, resetting the conversation at the intersection of science and religion, challenging you to begin your own journey to a purposeful life.


I was asked by Farrow Communications if I would be interested in a science fiction thriller with a love story and I was very intrigued. Although math and science are topics I stay far away from, I have great respect for the compelling mathematical and even philosophical minds, topics, and dialogue in this book. As an employee of a liberal arts college, I understand the faculty dynamics and competitiveness illustrated in the book and found the discussion of AI consciousness to be a fascinating topic.

It is the year 2161, after the Climate War, and the planet is lacking natural resources. As people rely on bots and technology more and more the divide between humans becomes greater with the Levels Act which is similar to the caste system. 

Professor Joe Denkensmith feels as if he has hit a brick wall about his theory on AI consciousness and is hoping his sabbatical at the Lone Mountain College will reset his direction. Working with the renowned Dr. Eli Jardine, Dean of the College, and his colleagues is an honor, and he is both excited and intimated by academic excellence around him. 

I like the idea of Joe not only exploring AI consciousness but his own as well. He is smart, competitive, and a rule follower until he meets the rebellious and vibrant Evie who is on a mission to abolish the Level Acts. Their journey together is gradual as they build trust with each by exploring their beliefs and conduct and eventually appreciating each other’s strengths.

An Unfettered Journey has captivating prose and questions about free will, social justice, and religion.  It is an engaging blend of speculative fiction, science fiction, suspense thriller, and romance that questions the future of humanity and technology. Recommend highly!

Thank you to Mr. Bengier for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


An Unfettered Journey

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Gary BengierGary F. Bengier is a writer, philosopher, and technologist. After a career in Silicon Valley, Gary pursued passion projects, studying astrophysics and philosophy. He’s spent the last two decades thinking about how to live a balanced, meaningful life in a rapidly evolving technological world. This self-reflective journey infuses his novel with insights about our future and the challenges we will face in finding purpose. Before turning to writing speculative fiction, Gary worked in a variety of Silicon Valley tech companies. He was eBay’s Chief Financial Officer, and led the company’s initial and secondary public offerings. Gary has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an MA in philosophy from San Francisco State University. Today, he and his family live in San Francisco.

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