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Moonlit Magic (The Thorne Witches, #9) by T.M. Cromer


She refuses to be drawn in by his seductive charm…

Liz Thorne has suppressed her impulsive nature for the last four years because her one reckless weekend ended in heartache. Now, the dangerous, sexy man who tempts her inner bad girl is back, and he’s trying his damnedest to bring the wild child out to play.

He’s been unable to forget her…

Since the day Rafe Xuereb was recalled for his Witches’ Council duties, he’s lived with regret. Despite his magical skills, he’s been unable to find the one woman who turned his world on its head. Through a twist of fate, Liz lands on his doorstep with his termination papers, and Rafe can’t be more delighted.

A new enemy threatens to destroy them…

An unknown mystical force arises and begins to drain the Thornes of their powers. It has the potential to reduce the all-powerful witches to mere mortals, making them vulnerable to a rival family. Even as Rafe helps Liz, he lives with the fear that the secret he’s hiding could cost the woman he loves everything.

*Recommended for 18 years or above due to adult language and content.


This author was recommended to me in a Facebook group and I happened to have this book in my TBR pile so even though it is book 9 in the series, I found myself entrenched in the magical Throne family.

A family threatened. A missing ring. A blood curse. A love meant to last forever. 

Elizabeth “Liz” Thorne is a fierce witch who doesn’t take betrayal lightly. She gave her heart to Raphael “Rafe” Xuereb four years ago, and he walked away. Now he’s back to woo her, but she has moved on. Unfortunately, the family curse says a Thorne only loves once, but she doesn’t trust Rafe to run off again. However, she has much bigger problems. Her entire powerful family of witches and warlocks have lost their magical powers and they are in serious danger.

Rafe is a warlock with a few secrets. Secrets that may jeopardize his mission to win Liz Thorne back, but right now he needs to protect her from whoever has taken her family’s powers away. The more he digs into the source of the problem, the more dread he feels of what’s to come.

Liz and Rafe’s dance of love becomes a back seat when The Aether Damian Dethridge, the keeper of magic, and the balance between good and evil, is called in to help the Thornes. But the source trying to ruin the Thornes may just take The Aether down with them which could put the whole world in danger.

The story between Liz and Rafe has its highs and lows, but their trust grows and together they can beat anything.  Liz is both feisty and kind-hearted. Her need to help Damian’s six-year-old daughter Sabrina is testament to her goodness, allegiance, and willingness to risk her life to help save the world. Rafe is noble and forthright. More power to him as he slowly wears Liz down. And he does not hesitate to help Liz and her family despite the fact that they may turn on him because of what he’s hiding. 

The supporting characters include the large Thorne family who are full of sarcasm and support for Liz and Rafe. In addition, The charming and intimidating Damian (who they call “the boogeyman of the witch community”) and his adorable daughter, Sabrina, are a wonderful addition. The father/daughter connection is very heartwarming and strong with these two.

The story is fast-paced and gripping and I was just a little surprised in finding the source of all the stolen magic and why. I wasn’t as pleased with the ending which seemed so abrupt in order to drop in the epilogue that is the preamble to book 10 of the series.

Overall, I enjoyed the magical mystery tour of the Thornes and their friends and rivals.  The characters are enchanting, the love story is captivating, and the suspense is engrossing.


Moonlit Magic

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TM CromerT.M. Cromer is an award-winning, international best-selling author, who loves to craft wildly entertaining stories designed to keep you glued to your seat, turning the pages to find out what the hell happens next. She specializes in kickass heroines and the men who adore them.

Genres: paranormal romance and romantic suspense.

While originally from New Jersey, T.M. spent most of her growing-up years in a small beach town located in Northeast Florida. Currently, you can find her bent over her laptop in a small town in Central Illinois. When she isn’t writing, she’s at the beck and call of her fuzzy soulmate, Tink. 

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