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Hell Raising and Other Pastimes (Grave Concerns #2) by Jayce Carter

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Lots of people have told me to go to hell—I guess they finally got their wish.

I’ve finally accepted the fact I might not be entirely human, so you’d think life could give me a minute. Instead, I find myself sucked into hell at Lucifer’s demand, and I realize death is even more complicated than my life was.

I’m still searching for how to stop the missing spirits before it’s too late, and with no suspects other than Lucifer, I have to survive hell—where everything wants to kill me—so I can confront the devil himself. Not even my love life can be simple, though. Troy is terrified of his werewolf side hurting me, Kase and Grant are lying to me, and Hunter is keeping his own secrets. I know better than to trust anyone, especially the men who have taken over my life.

Get to Lucifer’s Court, find out the truth about the missing spirits, figure out exactly what I am, and try not to die along the way. Oh, and don’t fall in love with the men who will for sure break my heart and possibly get me killed.

Easy enough, right?


This book picks up where Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies left off…in Hell. And it is hot, hot, hot in more ways than one.

What had Ava’s life come to when she, a mortal psychic with other strange unknown powers, is summoned to Hell with a stoic vampire, a surly werewolf, an arrogant mage, and a playful Hellhound?  Kase, Tony, Grant, and Hunter are her new family of protectors and lovers. Yes, they are idiot obsessive men going all alpha all of the time, but Ava can take care of herself. In her own words, she’s “a lot harder to kill than she looks” And she’s full of sass and snark and is capable of holding her own…even with the devil himself.  But the question is, what does Lucifer want? The answer will force her to find out who she is and risk everything for the people she cares about.

The mouth on Ava is a treasure. She’s been told more than once that it could get her killed. But she is who she is and screw everyone else. My favorite kind of protagonist. Don’t let all the bravado fool you though. She’s also afraid and vulnerable. She has always wanted to be normal, but that is proving to be further out of reach the more she delves into the depths of hell. But she has her sexy alpha team behind her. Lucky girl! In this book, we get to read about the men’s stories in more detail as they become more unguarded and reveal their unhappy and destructive lives. Also, expect some sexy hookups along the way. The Troy, Kase, and Ava scene is hot! More importantly, we find out what Ava is and it’s a shocker.

Once again, Ms. Carter has written an intriguing paranormal comedy with a plethora of extraordinary characters old and new who make love, fight to the death, and discover their true selves. Give the series a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to Ms. Carter for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Hell Raising and Other Pasttimes

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Why was it that men walked out of quickies like some sort of victory lap, but women felt like we had whore tattooed across our foreheads?

Troy had already headed downstairs after dressing. He hadn’t said a lot, had regained a little of that distance he’d had before. I chalked that up to the awkwardness of the moment.

Besides, I had needed a moment to get myself ready. I’d cleaned up as best I could, using a tiny bit of the water Kase had left for me. No one wanted to walk while still sticky…

Still, as I went down the stairs, as all four sets of eyes swung toward me, I felt like each of them could see what I’d done.

They’ve all seen you naked. They’ve all been inside you. There isn’t much mystery.

My cheeks burned as I tucked my hair behind my ear and tried to look as if I didn’t care.

Men could screw everything that walked. Why not me?

No one spoke at first, and I had a moment of thinking everyone would pretend nothing happened. We didn’t need to address anything, right?

“So what did you think of a knot, shadow-girl? Always wanted to try it myself, but I’m a chicken.” Hunter paired the words with a grin so wide, he looked like some sort of jester.

So much for pretending…


Jayce Carter lives in Southern California with her husband and two spawns. She originally wanted to take over the world but realized that would require wearing pants. This led her to choose writing, a completely pants-free occupation. She has a fear of heights yet rock climbs for fun and enjoys making up excuses for not going out and socializing.

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