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Wanting (Forbidden Obsession #1) by Lynn Burke

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Gideon is a big bad wolf who doesn’t bother with sheep’s clothing, an overbearing jackass who hates our combined families as much as I do.

I shouldn’t secretly love his possessiveness over me at school.

I certainly shouldn’t enjoy the unwanted way my body reacts to him.

My sweet sixteen culminates in the first kiss that I always dreamed of. The nightmare that follows, however, leaves me cold and aching.

I go from wanting…to needing.

But Gideon is gone and I’m about to face the real threat to my innocence.


WARNING: Wanting is the first book in the Forbidden Obsession Duet and does not end happily ever after. It’s a forbidden romance that contains triggers and mature themes. Recommended for 18+.

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I haven’t read a dark teen angst story in a while so I picked this one up knowing it’s part of a duet and ending with a cliffhanger. And what a doozy of an uncomfortable and trigger-inducing ending. Cringe.

Gideon and Addilyn are not happy with their new living arrangements as step-siblings. Their parents are two of the worst parents on the planet. Gideon’s dad is a gambler who marries for money and has a predilection for jailbait daughters. Addilyn’s mother is a selfish and controlling harpy who is seriously mentally off.  Gideon knows his father’s sick tendencies and is determined to protect Addilyn despite his dislike for her rich, haughty attitude toward him. The more he is around her, the more he wants her and he makes his lust known in very hot and in-your-face ways. Addilyn doesn’t understand her lustful reactions to Gideon’s sick displays of desire for her. Her mother has always insisted she stay pure and beware of boys like Gideon. But it’s their connection and empathy of the pain they endure from their parent’s careless and hurtful treatment that brings them together. Until the night of her sweet 16 birthday when their lives are destroyed by a promise and a betrayal.

Addilyn’s need for love makes her vulnerable and she ends up trusting the wrong people. She realizes the only person who had her back is the one she betrays in the end and the consequences are devastating. Gideon is a very angry and possessive individual who loses his focus giving his father the opening to get what he wants. The reunion between Addilyn and Gideon is a story I can’t wait to read. They are going to be even more broken than they are in book 1.

The supporting characters in this book are unlikeable. Lloyd, Gideon’s dad, is a predator of the worst kind. Ingrid, Addilyn’s mother, is narcissistic and a brick short of a load.  Addilyn’s best friend, Jenny, doesn’t have her friend’s back. And Devon, Addilyn’s crush, is intriguing and may be hiding something.

I couldn’t put this book down. It is a dark and creepy romance filled with volatile and painful subject matter.

Thank you to Ms. Burke for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



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Piercing blue eyes glanced down over the curves I’d inherited from Mother at too young of an age, but rather than feeling weirded out by Gideon’s good long look at me, warmth tingled into the tips of my breasts. Heat flooded his eyes when they met mine—but blinked out like a flashlight, his face becoming cold and hard.

And leaving me breathless. Shaky and unsettled in a way I didn’t know how to deal with.

“Sis,” he said, his tone as mocking as his slow smirk that fluttered my belly.

Proper poise, I could hear Mother’s echoing hiss from many times before between my ears.

I lifted my chin to do the same as he’d done to me, my narrowed gaze sliding down over his suit as though I found him lacking in every way—which I totally didn’t. Broad shoulders for seventeen, he could have been out felling trees. And that hair…those bedroom eyes, my best friend Jenny would say, could talk a girl into giving up her first kiss. 

He stirred things inside me I didn’t understand, and I hated him for the curiosity tingling through my limbs and whispering in my mind.

“I’m not your sis,” I shot back with a huff and flounce of my hair.


Lynn BurkeLynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

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