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Accidentally In Love (MacGregor Brothers Brewing Company #1) by Danica Flynn



At thirty-five and single, I’m tired of the dating game. Tired of men who look at me and say, “You’d be prettier if you shed a few pounds.”

There’s only one man I want a future with — my grouchy friends with bene fits, Nolan. But he’s adamant about keeping things casual.

All that changes when one night we get careless, and those pink lines show up on the pregnancy test months later.

Nolan wants to do right by me. He wants to give me what I’ve been searching for, but I’m pretty sure he’s only doing it out of obligation. It’s not like the bearded brewmaster loves me like I love him.

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Ms. Flynn does undeclared love very well.  So good, in fact, that it’s aggravating to read.  Let me just give a variant on the song When a Man Loves a Woman…for God’s sake, tell her.

Communication, people. There is nothing so frustrating as a stubborn man and woman convinced they are not deserving of each other. Add to that they just wallow in their misery without expressing their true feelings to the person they love.  Instead, they tell their siblings and friends how they feel. These two are 35 and 40 years old and now have a surprise baby on the way.

Avery soothes the grumpy side of Nolan and Nolan soothes Avery’s anxieties.  Perfect. Right?  Enter in insecurities and baby brain and you have a ridiculous and long road of fighting about stupid things and having great make-up sex.  This couple has been hooking up for the past two years and is secretly in love with each other.

Nolan is adorable and very giving. In fact, he doesn’t hesitate to step up and take responsibility for the baby. After a bad divorce, he vowed to never marry again, but when he met Avery, that all changed. His main problem is words.  He has a difficult time expressing his feelings in words which is important to any woman.  However, he makes up for it in his beautiful and loving actions such as celebrating his least favorite holiday of Christmas only because Avery adores it. And let me tell you, any woman would move heaven and earth to grab hold of such a wonderful expectant father. His love of the baby just made me melt.

Avery is anxious about her pregnancy and doesn’t want to baby-trap the man she loves.  Her hormones and crying jags are out of control, but no matter how hard she unnecessarily pushes Nolan away, he proves he is there for her no matter what.  Avery just seems so childish to me and needed to just tell Nolan how she felt.  After all, she knew he had a problem with words. Despite the long wait, Avery and Nolan finally work it all out, get married, and have a long-deserved HEA.

The supporting characters of Gemma, Declan, and Avery’s dad, Sal are great additions as they give good advice and shoulders to cry on. 

Overall, I thought this steamy love story was a nice read. If you like unplanned pregnancy tropes with two main characters who are a hot mess, give this book a try. 

Thank you to Ms. Flynn for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Accidentally in Love

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Come outside and help me put up the lights before Avery gets home.”

We grabbed our coats and walked outside. Declan untangled the lights from the plastic bag someone had shoved them inside. I grabbed the ladder from the shed and put it against the house. Declan directed me where to hang the lights while he held the ladder. I wasn’t sure how long we had been out there, but it felt like it took forever. I didn’t care how long it took; I just wanted it to be perfect for Avery.

“I think it looks good,” Declan called up to me.

I walked down the ladder, and he ran inside to flip the switch. The house lit up with twinkling white lights, like some fucking winter wonderland. Avery never would have expected me to decorate for Christmas. I wanted to surprise her with it, to make it feel like this was her home, too.

Dec came out of the house and whistled. “Looks good. She’s gonna love it.”

I frowned and ran a hand down my beard. “I hope so. I want everything to be perfect for her.”

Dec nudged me with his elbow. “Take the night off. Go help your baby mama get the rest of her stuff and get situated. The brewery will be fine without you for one night. Okay?”


He cut me off by holding up his hand. “Nolan, this is why we have staff. You don’t have to work your fingers to the bone like when we first opened. You’re the head brewer. You don’t have to micromanage every tiny detail of the process. I know you’re stressed about money, but it’s gonna be okay.”

“I want to be good enough for her. And for Peanut.”

“Peanut?” he asked with a confused look.

I shrugged. “It’s what I call the baby.”

My brother beamed at me. “That’s so cute.”

I punched him in the shoulder. “Shut it!”

He pushed me back. “Get out of here. I’ll handle s**t at the brewery tonight. Go help your lady.”

Declan didn’t have a life outside of the brewery, either. He was just as bad as I was. I couldn’t remember the last time he even went on a date. I don’t think he’s had a serious relationship since his high school girlfriend Lila broke his heart when she went to college in California and never came back.

I was about to run back into the house for my car keys when two cars pulled up into the driveway. I planned to go over to Avery’s apartment to help, so she didn’t have to carry all those boxes inside. She shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy in her condition. I hadn’t realized how long it took us to get the tree up and decorated. Getting the lights up on the house had taken longer than I would have liked, even with my brother’s help. I felt like a dick. I should have helped her pack up all her things.

Avery got out of her car with a box in her hand, and I rushed over to help her. She scowled at me. “I can lift a box, Nol,” she argued, but the debate died on her lips when she looked up at my brightly lit-up house. “Oh… Oh! You put up Christmas lights?”

Her eyes sparkled as the reflection of the lights hit her just right. The way her entire face lit up in delight struck me in the chest.

“Nolan, did you do this for me?” she asked in surprise.

I grunted in response.

“But you hate Christmas.”

I took the box from her and walked into the house. I smiled when I heard her gasp. “Oh, Nolan,” Avery whispered.


Danica FlynnDanica Flynn is a marketer by day, and a writer by nights and weekends. AKA she doesn’t sleep! She is a rabid hockey fan of both The Philadelphia Flyers and the Metropolitan Riveters. When not writing, she can be found hanging with her partner, playing video games, and reading a ton of books.

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