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The Good Man (From Connemara With Love #3) by A. S. Kelly

The Good Man


Once upon a time, there was a solitary, grumpy man who would spend his days watching the world around him without ever attracting any attention to himself. Her writing is heartfelt and 

Once upon a time, there was a man who stood aside, imagining he could live someone else’s life and dreaming of something which would never be his; yet he wasnt ready to give it up.

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved a woman. His only wish was to watch her achieve her dreams – without knowing that the only dream she ever wanted to achieve was him.

Once upon a time, there was a woman afraid that no one would ever be able to love her – without knowing that there was a man who had loved nothing but her for his entire life.

That man is me: Reid Johnson. And that woman is her: my deepest secret. Fine, so I have a few secrets – but it would be best not to reveal them, as they could take everything I have away from me. And without those secrets, Id have nothing to dream of.

There are two things you should know about me before deciding whether or not to read this story:

  • I’ve never been the person everyone thinks I am.
  • I’ve never been the man she believes me to be.


I love this wonderful series. You don’t just read Ms. Kelly’s books, you immerse yourself in them. Her characters are so snarky, so tortured, and so in love. In book 3 we find out Reid Johnston’s heartbreaking and lonely story of unrequited love.

Reid is a 38-year-old department manager for his family’s business. His cynical thoughts on his siblings’ relationships are rude and amusing as he secretly obsesses over Sloan Kylemore Connolly. A woman he has loved and protected for many years. A woman he rejected to give her a chance to experience life in her own right. Who knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life?

Sloan has raised her 10-year-old daughter, Sam, the best she can with the help of what’s left of her family. Namely, her twin brother Silas and her dad.  Sam’s father has been out of the picture pretty much all of Sam’s life. When the grumpy workaholic Reid Johnston starts to come around after keeping his distance for years, she is hopeful and scared at the same time. She never thought a man would love her with all her faults, but Reid who never goes against the norm is about to change their lives.

Ms. Kelly once again does a fantastic job slowly revealing Reid’s and Sloan’s by telling their stories from their own points of view. I won’t uncover all of the story because you need to experience all the heartbreak, the humor, and the hope that these two lonely people go through to find the happiness they deserve.

As one who has read the previous books in the series, The Best Man and The First ManI couldn’t wait to learn who Reid was under all that gruffness and sarcasm. This heartfelt story is about sacrifices and an irreversible love that made me break out the tissues more than once. There are also some very humorous moments that had me laughing out loud. Who doesn’t love a book with a whole range of emotions to experience?

This story is enhanced by the loveable and hilarious supporting characters. The Johnstons, the Brennans, the Veldons, and the Kylemores are family and when one of them needs help, they give it wholeheartedly. 

I adore this beautiful and stirring love story that affirms it’s not bad at all being happy and love is the best thing we do. I recommend you read this book and the series. I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down.

Thank you to Ms.Kelly for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Good Man

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A. S. Kelly was born in Italy but lives in Ireland with her husband, two children and a cat named Oscar. She’s passionate about English literature, she’s a music lover and addicted to coffee. She spends her days in a small village North of Dublin, looking for inspiration for her next stories. Rainy Days is her debut novel.

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