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Accidentally Perfect (Hideaway Harbor #1) by Marissa Clarke


Falling in love wasn’t on her to-do list…

Workaholic Lillian Mahoney has given everything to her job. The hugely popular lifestyle show she helped create monopolizes her time, energy, creativity, and anything remotely resembling a life. But all it takes is the show’s womanizing, egomaniac star throwing a massive hissy on live TV to utterly implode Lillian’s career in a New York minute.

Now Lillian’s hiding out in the gorgeous and completely unknown seaside village of Blink, Maine. Out of gas. A stolen wallet. A broken heel. And worse, she’s somehow managed to completely piss off the town’s resident hunk, Caleb Wright. She’ll show that hot, grumpy single father exactly what she’s made of.

But Blink isn’t quite what Lillian expects—and neither is Caleb…or his feisty teen daughter she can’t help but love. And while her entire life and career are in shreds, Lillian might just discover what happens when she gives her bad first impression a second chance…


I’m a sucker for “big city girl meets small town grumpy guy” tropes. Throw in a lovely treasure trove of friendly inhabitants of Blink, Maine, and it’s a true winner.

Burnt out and dodging a public social media fiasco, New York businesswoman, Lillian Mahoney, finds herself in the small town of Blink, Maine, population 204. It’s a town that is slowly shrinking as the younger generation leaves while others stay due to responsibility and love of their home. The longer Lillian stays in the slow-paced town with people who have become her true friends, the harder it is to leave. Especially when she falls for the grumpy single dad who she discovers is the good man everyone says he is. How can she go back to New York when her heart is in Blink?

Caleb Wright is a single dad who loves his job and his home. When he meets the high-strung, gorgeous businesswoman in inappropriate high-heeled shoes, his hackles go up. But her kindness and passion for helping the town change his mind. She has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. She’s charmed everyone in town including him. But she’s not staying. Everyone leaves Blink, Maine.

All work and no play is Lillian’s motto and watching this confident and in-control woman unwind in a beautiful Maine setting is a pleasure. Her excellent organizational skills come through when she finds a way to save Blink. Caleb is an enigma at first with his grouchy manner toward Lillian when they first meet, but we eventually learn why he is untrusting of strangers and their motives. Their growing attraction is a slow burn, but so worth the wait. I totally understand why Caleb doesn’t want to leave his town and why Lillian falls in love with it. It’s a memorable story with a happily ever after.

There are so many loveable characters in this book including Roger, the stubborn and wealthy landowner, Amanda, the flamboyant and gossipy shop owner, and Bethany, Caleb’s endearing teenage daughter. 

I highly recommend this delightful and refreshing rom-com about compromise and living your life to the fullest in a magical place. The characters are charming and kind and I can’t wait to read more about them in the series.

Thank you to Ms. Clarke and Entangled Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Accidentally Perfect

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Marissa Clarke is a multi-award-winning, RITA nominated author of romance for adults and teens. She lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her ever-patient husband, two cantankerous Cairn Terriers, and twenty-six bossy chickens.

She loves to connect with readers, so follow her on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or shoot her a message through the contact page.

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