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Second Chance Heart (Second Chance #2) by Rebecca Barber


She’s sworn off men.
He’s too busy raising his daughter to be looking for love.
When the two damaged hearts collide…how can they stay away?

Walking in on her fiancé’s side piece wearing her dream wedding dress turned Charlotte Rowe’s heart to ice. So she focuses on becoming the best pediatric oncologist Chicago had ever seen.

When sexy paramedic and single dad Luke Steele finds Charlotte sobbing in the halls, he can’t walk away…even though he vowed he’d never go there again but Charlotte isn’t just any woman though.

She’s a smart, beautiful, hard-working doctor and when she loses a patient, she shatters into a million pieces. Together with his six-year-old daughter, Isla, Luke’s determined to help Charlotte thaw her jaded heart and learn to love again. Luke has his work cut out for him if he’s going to convince her to take a chance and become part of his family, giving his daughter the mom she’s longing for and him the love he needs.

Is their family bond strong enough to withstand the greatest test of everything they thought they knew?


This is my first time reading Rebecca Barber’s work and I absolutely loved it.  Her prose is easy to follow and fun to read, and I fell in love with her characters.

Dr. Charlotte Rowe has no time for men in her life after the disaster with her cheating douchebag of a fiance. She’s a pediatric oncologist who loves her job even though there may be setbacks and losses. The successes are cherished. It was after a particular loss when she meets a kind and gorgeous EMT who allows her to cry on his shoulder. Needless to say, it is the start of a budding romance. But is it too soon after her breakup?

Luke Steele has no time for a relationship. His precocious six-year-old (going on 16) daughter and his job as a paramedic keep him very busy. Then he meets a beautiful and compassionate doctor who makes his heart beat faster. As he juggles his daughter’s questions about her mother increase, can he trust to have another woman in his life?

I adore Charlotte and Luke as they work hard to find time to date and be together as a couple and naturally fall in love with each other. Their light verbal sparring and comfortable rapport are what help them wind down from their hectic and emotional days at work. Charlotte is strong, smart, and sassy and loves to catch Luke off guard. In fact, she’s a lot like Luke’s daughter, Isla, who keeps Luke on his toes. Charlotte’s relationship with Isla is so natural and unhindered. In fact, unlike most single dads in romance novels, he trusts Charlotte completely to answer his daughter’s questions openly and honestly with little guidance from him. Luke is a book boyfriend for me. He’s kind, loyal, and loves fiercely. He is a wonderful single dad and he really knows how to treat a lady as he slowly woos Charlotte with macaroons, baseball games, and tea parties with his daughter. There is a heartbreaking event that brings the couple closer together, but also leads to a serious hiccup in their relationship when Charlotte makes a bad choice to not reveal something important to Luke when he desperately needs it. It’s all resolved when Charlotte’s selfless gift is revealed and everyone lives happily ever after.

Charlotte and Luke are surrounded by loving family and friends who truly have their backs.  Hannah and Mason are exceptional and supportive friends to Charlotte as she deals with her job and her personal life. Mrs. Neal is also very valuable and encouraging to Luke as a single dad giving him advice and support as he starts dating again. Most importantly, Isla steals the show as she wraps herself around everyone’s hearts.

Overall, there are many enjoyable elements to this delightful story that made me laugh, cry, and just lay back and enjoy a true family love story in the making.

Thank you to Ms. Barber for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Second Chance Heart


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