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An Ember in the Dark by Samantha Raffles & Ashley Lepak


Raena never felt like she belonged, an orphan in every way. She spent her days on the banks of a lake in her favorite forest reading tarot cards and her nights alone. She burned to feel alive.

Emrys, the would-be king, was always on the outside, where he liked it. But, there was somewhere else he liked more, the human realm. As a fae prince from Elysian, it was off-limits to him. Which made going there much more fun.

When a trip to the human realm reveals to Emrys much more than he bargained for, will he make the right choice or the wrong one?

Will Raena ever find out who she really is?

Together Raena and Emrys navigate through an adventure of danger and lust, as they solve the mystery of her true identity.


I’m always intrigued by a magical romance and Ms. Raffles and Ms. Lepak don’t disappoint. Filled with a relationship doomed to fail, an evil queen, and friends and foes in unlikely places, this book kept me engaged until the cliffhanger ending.

When an evil darkness threatens a young woman in the human realm, a royal fae with a curse on his head vows to save her no matter the consequences.

As an orphan raised in the foster system, Raena is used to being alone and not fitting in. After the death of her foster parents, she has a daily routine that ends with her day basking in the sun with tarot cards near her favorite lake and forest. Until one day she feels a presence. A gorgeous man with horns is intent on saving her from the darkness surrounding her, so he kidnaps her which reeks havoc on the magical realm she is compelled to live in for her protection. 

Prince Emrys of Elysian is cursed for never loving another. His fated mate is gone to him and he was told he would never be able to truly love someone. However, his feelings for the woman from the human realm are confusing him. Her sassiness and kindness draw him in and their passion compares to no other. He has vowed to protect her and does not want to let her go, but she deserves the love that he cannot give. So why does his heartache for this woman who is not who she seems?

Raena and Emrys have their work cut out for them in hiding Raena’s true self. She is the last of the light fae who are considered traitors by the evil Queen Calla. If she is found out, she is sure to die so her secret is kept among the chosen few. Until a letter bound for Emrys gets into the wrong hands and Raena and Emrys’s lives are in danger. Emrys and Raena are soulmates and much, much more. I’m sure when we finally find out who Raena really is, it’s going to be awesome. Raena is strong and fearless as she explores the fae realm where she finally feels like she belongs. Her growing love for Emrys is bittersweet knowing he will not be able to love her and that she will never be anything other than his courtesan. Emrys may have everything he could possibly want except the woman he cannot live without. She doesn’t deserve a man who could never love her the way she deserves. This book is a slow build romance with an evil presence ready to pounce. There are close calls and heartstopping moments until Raena is forced to choose between Emrys’s life and hers. The story ends with a surprising declaration and an interesting destination. I can’t wait to find out what happens with the two young lovers.

Supporting characters are many including Emrys long-time Watcher friends, Osyrin and Raphe, Raena’s loyal maid and close friend, Maeve, and Emrys’s cute familiar and wise council, Clyde the dragon sprite. As for evil, meet Queen Calla who loves power no matter what she has to do to obtain it. And who is the mysterious Sorin, the unlikable Elder Watcher who makes a questionable deal with Osyrin? I hope to find out in the next book.

If you enjoy romantic fantasies in magical cities with mysterious, loyal and vile characters, give this delightful book a try.

Thank you to Ms. Raffles and Ms. Lepak for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


An Ember in the Dark

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My name is Samantha Raffles and I write spicy books for spicy people. That means, if you are looking for a romance author who brings the heat you have come to the right place! You can find anything from dark romance to fantasy romance!

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My name is Ashley, and I’m an aspiring author! I use to write for fun in high school as a hobby, and never thought it’d amount to anything. I’m so excited and proud to be starting on this new journey!

I love anything fantasy and romance. (And doctor who) I’m a cat mom.

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