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Rebellion (Curvy Seduction #2) by Aidy Award


She’s going to push his buttons. He’s going to push her over the edge.

Gray has opened up a whole new world for me. A dirty, kinky, sexy world. He thinks he’s doing what’s best for me. He lets other men touch me, but he won’t. Screw that. I want him to take charge. If he won’t… I might have to find someone who will.

Angel wants me to teach her, take her, tame her. She thinks she knows what kink is. I’m dying to show her what submission really means. I’ll never forgive myself if I break her. I may have to leave her, to save her…from me.


Rebellion is the second book in The Curvy Seduction Saga and should be read following Rebound

I chose this book because I loved Angelina and Grayson’s story. Yes, the book is a reverse harem. Yes, it’s erotica. But it is also a love story between a woman who is tired of being controlled and dominated, and a man who is afraid of losing the woman he no longer needs to protect.

Angelina is ready to take her control back and become a Dominatrix instead of a submissive. The man she loved kept refusing her because he wasn’t ready so she is moving on to a dark sex club called The Asylum run by a sadistic Dom who wants Angelina for his own. It’s there she meets a Texan who gives her a proposition for her to train as a Domme in his club. She packs up her things along with two of her submissives and heads to Texas. Working with her new mysterious trainer who wears a mask, she is pulled in by his gritty voice and confident instruction, but she cannot forget the man she loved and who walked out on her.

Angelina and Grayson finally seal the deal after much frustration in the first book, and it’s by Angelina’s rules. Angelina is much stronger and more confident now as she explores her Domme side. She definitely shows what she learns in the last public display and it’s hot, hot, hot! Her idea to start a new club is ambitious and with Cade’s help, it might just work. Angelina does grow up and realizes that it’s her own stubbornness and bad choices that pushed Gray away. Gray finally opens up to Angelina as he follows her to Texas and proves his loyalty to her when he gives up his control. Not entirely, but just enough to make it interesting. It’s a reunion worth waiting for.

We meet Angelina’s harem again in this book. Cade is moving on and Dominic and Ilario follow Angelina to Texas. In addition, Hawk (an early encounter in Angelina’s introduction to BDSM) is part of an eye-opening duel that involves simultaneous orgasms. The villain of the story is Foster Bennett who is out to get Grayson and Angelina and doesn’t take losing well. I can’t wait to read about his ominous history with Grayson which appears to be in the third and final book in the series.

If you enjoy sensual erotica with an actual love story between two stubborn and charismatic protagonists, give this series a try.



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Aidy Award is a curvy girl who kind of has a thing for stormtroopers. She’s also the author of the popular Curvy Love series. She writes curvy girl erotic romance, about real love, and dirty fun, with happy ever afters because every woman deserves great sex and even better romance, no matter her size, shape, or what the scale says.

Read the delicious tales of hot heroes and curvy heroines come to life under the covers and between the pages of Aidy’s books. Then let her know because she really does want to hear from her readers.

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