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Rebound (Curvy Seduction Saga, #1) by Aidy Award


She doesn’t want love, she wants a rebound…
He needs so much more from her. He needs everything.

Angelina is tired of being the chubby doormat of a Latina rich girl. She’s thrown out her no-good, cheating bastard of a fiance and now she’s ready to rebound…with some revenge sex. What better way than to go out on the town with her friend and secret crush, aka her bodyguard. But, he’s made it clear they are nothing more than friends.

Gray has been Angelina’s bodyguard for years and in love with her for every second. When she finally kicks her stupid fiance to the curb he’s got a chance to help her be the beautiful, strong, passionate woman he always knew she was.

But, he won’t be her rebound. He will help her find that kinky desirable side of herself. Even if it’s with two other men.


I have been hearing about reverse harems from a Facebook book group I’m in and so I took a chance and picked up this recommendation. Good grief! I need a cold shower.

By definition, a reverse harem is three or more men who potentially show romantic interest in a female protagonist. In addition to the multiple sexy men part there is a BDSM theme as well. You know, Doms and Subs, etc. It seems like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole into the dark steamy world of erotica once again. C’est la vie! 😛 

“Angel here wants to sow her wild oats.” Hawk frowned and narrowed his eyes. “And you’re just going to let her?” Like it was the most commonplace thing in the world, Gray said, “I’m going to watch.”

So you are probably thinking how is this a romance?  Grayson “Gray” Baker, bodyguard to curvy rich girl Angelina “Angel” Cruz and major hot, controlling Dom is trying to protect Angel from herself. Angel is a curvy and vivacious woman who was cheated on for the last time by her boring ass of an ex-fiance Marc and her ex-best friend, Mindy. So what is she going to do about it?  To Gray’s rejection and disapproval, she’s going to have rebound sex with a one-night stand, but it so happens she goes home with two gorgeous guys from a bar with the very sexy and commanding Master Gray setting the scene for the whole group. Can you say HOT!!!? 

Now that Angel has a taste of mind-blowing sex for the first time in her life and Gray won’t give it to her, her confidence gives her a boost to create college scholarships for exotic young male escorts with preferences for curvy women. As a bonus, she gets to try her hand as a Dominatrix, but Gray wants her as his sub exclusively. And the freaky games begin!

The sexual tension between Gray and Angel is scorching and seeing him take charge of the harem scenes without physically touching her is so provocative and sensual. As for the three young virile students taking signals from Gray while they please Angel…well, let your imagination run wild.  Let’s not forget the hilarious and playful dialogue that had me snorting with laughter.  My one regret is that it ends with a cliffhanger, but I have bought the series, so am looking forward to continuing the sexy adventures in Rebellion.

This is like no other erotic romance I’ve ever read. I went into it with trepidation and I couldn’t put it down. The characters are colorful and there is truly a romance in there between a lonely woman with body image issues and a good man who’s holding out for the woman he loves. If you are up for a sensual adult adventure, give this book a try. It might surprise you!


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Aidy Award is a curvy girl who kind of has a thing for stormtroopers. She’s also the author of the popular Curvy Love series. She writes curvy girl erotic romance, about real love, and dirty fun, with happy ever afters because every woman deserves great sex and even better romance, no matter her size, shape, or what the scale says.

Read the delicious tales of hot heroes and curvy heroines come to life under the covers and between the pages of Aidy’s books. Then let her know because she really does want to hear from her readers.

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