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The Final Hunt by Audrey J. Cole

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Alone in a hunting cabin, off-grid in an untamed wilderness. How does a marriage come to this?

After John disappeared while hunting—presumed dead from a bear attack—Cameron found the crime photos. His role in the recent Seattle serial murders was discovered. The media destroyed her reputation. She lost her dental practice, is on the brink of losing her home.

Everyone has a secret. But if her husband could hide the unimaginable from her, who’s to say he’s truly dead?

“What brings you so far from home?” the Alaska State Trooper had asked. The truth.


Holy cow! This gripping thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

What would you do if you found out your deceased husband was a serial killer? And what if you were sure he wasn’t dead? Cameron was fed up with the accusations that she was complicit in her husband’s murders. All she wanted to do was get away from the press who hounded her at her door and find the truth about her husband. Could he have faked his death by a bear attack? Can she find him and get the justice she deserved?

My heart went out to Cameron being left behind all alone to take the brunt of what her husband John had done. Sure she had secrets about her previous marriage to Miles. Was it justifiable what she did? I guess one would have to live in her shoes. Can a woman who knows nothing about surviving the Alaskan terrain find a man in the middle of nowhere? Unlikely. But I loved the intensity of Cameron’s search and her dogged determination to find the monster who betrayed her for so many years. Homicide Detective Tanner Mulholland is another character who is unwavering in his suspicions and uncovers some interesting secrets about Cameron’s past. His calm demeanor and stoic expression are a great contrast to Cameron’s angry and agitated state. 

Ms. Cole’s writing is fast-paced and riveting. The chapters are short, but keep the story moving. The serial killer element, the wild setting in Alaska, and a woman bent on revenge would make an excellent movie or series. Pick up this book. You won’t be able to put it down.

Thank you to Ms. Cole for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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The Final Hunt

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The detective stood in silence beside her with his arms folded, making her feel like a prisoner at her own house. She closed her eyes and pictured John’s victims. All eleven of them. She was married to a monster. She sipped her water, trying to ease the ache in her stomach. She wondered if the police would find evidence of more killings…under her own roof. It seemed unfathomable.

John could be distant at times, absorbed in his work. But she’d assumed it was his dedication to justice. She wondered how many nights she thought he was working late in the city when he was really strangling female high school teachers he’d been stalking for weeks.

Two investigators crossed the lawn and entered the over-sized garden shed Cameron and John had built to match the house. Cameron had always admired the quaint charm of the miniature white structure with blue trim. Until she watched an investigator emerge carrying evidence bags filled with rope and pruning shears. The second investigator followed, holding a shovel in her gloved hand.

Cameron’s breath caught at the sight of the evidence bags. Anxiety rose in her chest in a way she hadn’t felt in years. She took a gulp from her water, trying to flush the feeling away.

Her eyes followed the investigators until they were back inside the house. She stared at the garden shed again. It reminded her of the shed at her previous home, which lacked the magazine-cover charm of this one. Where she’d spent two miserable years of her life. Before she’d met John, and he’d made her feel alive again.

All these years being married to John, she thought she’d been the one with a secret.


Audrey J. ColeAudrey J. Cole is a registered nurse and a USA Today bestselling author of thrillers set in Seattle. Audrey J. Cole is a USA TODAY bestselling thriller author. Before writing full time, she worked as a neonatal intensive care nurse for eleven years. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children.

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