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The Devil You Know (Devil #3) by Elizabeth O’Roark


There’s a devil on my shoulder, and every Monday morning she announces herself. She’s this delicious flame in my chest, a flurry of whispered suggestions in my ear. Suggestions I ignore…because every single one of them is about Ben Tate.

Ben—Stealer of Clients, Evicter of Homeless Women, Nemesis. Sitting across from me every damn Monday with his lovely, smug smile and his too-perfect teeth, the living symbol of everything I hate.

It’s been my policy to avoid him, but when a case comes into the firm—one that could change his career and mine—I make an exception. It means weekends and evenings by his side. It means enduring his smirk and his smart mouth and never taking the bait.

Until the night Ben says “Beg”…and that devil on my shoulder decides to make a few demands of her own.

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In book three of the Devil series, it’s a baiting game between a man who lives to torture her and a woman who believes the worst in him.

Working in a cutthroat man’s world as a lawyer, Gemma is determined to be the first female partner in her firm. Unfortunately, she has to work with her handsome nemesis, Ben Tate, on a sexual discrimination case. The long hours are grueling and the sexual chemistry comes to a head, but there is no way it will work. She’s been there and has been burned.

It’s amazing how our past shapes our lives and Gemma and Ben are no exception. Gemma trusts no one and Ben is afraid to commit. Gemma is lonely and has a fucked up past with an asshole of a father she has never forgiven who screwed her mother over during their divorce. Her first reason to not trust men and become a ruthless advocate for women in divorce cases. Her second reason is her first job where she was lied to and made a scapegoat. Needless to say, Gemma keeps pushing Ben away, but he is determined to get her to open up. Gemma is lonely but fierce as she fights an uphill battle in her profession. Her bosses are slimy jerks and I wondered many times why she would want to make partner with men who didn’t have her back. My heart went out to her many times as she felt the need to tell Ben she had plans during the holidays when she was actually staying at work by herself. Unfortunately, Ben needs to come clean about a few things himself and I felt bad for Gemma when he never invited her to meet his family. He’s had a sad past himself with the loss of his father at a young age and taking care of his mom and brothers. Ben is actually a great guy when he finally gets to know Gemma and sticks around after shooting down all of her paranoid accusations about his life. He’s arrogant, sexy, and a hopeless romantic. His final actions are definitely questionable and will take a lot to get Gemma to forgive him, but he comes through in flying colors.

I loved this enemies-to-lovers, work romance. The verbal attacks and sexy banter are stimulating and kept me on edge throughout as I couldn’t wait until these two sealed the deal and, boy, was it worth it. I’m also a big fan of a book told from the woman’s point of view. It makes it so much more interesting to me to slowly unwrap what the man is thinking. Give this beautiful and unbeatable story a try. It won’t disappoint.

Thank you to Ms. O’Roark for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



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Elizabeth O'RoarkElizabeth O’Roark spent many years as a medical writer before publishing her first novel in 2013. She holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and arts from the University of Texas, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She is the author of eight novels and recipient of the 2017 IBPA gold medal for romance. She lives in Washington DC with her three children. 

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