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Christmas Nights at the Star and Lantern (Heritage Cove #6) by Helen Rolfe

Christmas Nights at the Star and Lantern


A wonderful story of love, friendship and opening your mind and your heart to new possibilities that will enchant fans of Holly Martin and Heidi Swain.

The Copper Plough is at the heart of village life for the residents of Heritage Cove, and never more so than at Christmas, when the tree glows in the alcove and the smell of mulled wine carries out onto the street. So when new owners for the beloved pub arrive and decide to shake things up, not everyone welcomes the changes with open arms.

Local bakery owner Celeste is ready to keep an open mind. But she’s shocked to discover that one of the new landlords is Quinn, a former Navy sailor with whom she had a short but powerful romance years earlier.

Fate may have brought Quinn and Celeste back together, but life seems determined to keep them apart. Can the villagers learn to embrace the newcomers this Christmas? And will Quinn and Celeste find a way back to each other before snow falls over Heritage Cove?


It takes a village like Heritage Cove to hone beautiful traditions, help new and old neighbors, and bring a sense of community to young and old. But are the traditions interfering with the McLeod brothers’ business? Sentimentality doesn’t pay the bills, but the place has a way of growing on you.

Celeste and Jade are sisters and co-owners of the local bakery in Heritage Cove. They are excited and nervous to find out who the new owners of the pub will be. The pub is the community hub in the village and the locals don’t like change. That’s not the only change Celeste is anxious about. Apparently, Quinn McLeod is back in town and he’s staying this time. 

Quinn is ready to start a new business venture with his brother as well as seek out the woman he never forgot. However, both pursuits are proving to be challenging. The townspeople have a tight hold on their village customs and the woman Quinn thought he had a chance with is pulling away. 

Celeste’s life choices are similar to mine and I understood her heartbreaking choices to stay true to them. I was so happy that Quinn wanted her as his family. I just wish she could have taken her own words of advice to her best friend Melissa and opened up to Quinn earlier. It would have saved a lot of doubt and heartache in the end. Celeste is such a kind and understanding friend to all and it was sad to see her fight with her feelings for the man who was meant for her. Quinn is a good man who has some personal issues he is fighting, and it’s good that he finally recognizes his need for help which comes in unexpected places. It’s slow in coming, but there is happiness in store for these two.

I was lucky to read Christmas at the Little Waffle Shack a few years ago and was happy to see the many characters of Heritage Cove again. Barney, “the village oracle” is front and center with his strong, well-intentioned advice. Quinn’s brother Eddie is a man of many ideas to build clientele for their pub and a fan of the ice cream lady, Zara. There is a new story there. 

I am delighted to recommend this sweet, slow-burn, second-chance Christmas romance with a beautiful setting and colorful characters. It reminds us that communication is essential in any relationship and that change is not always a bad thing.

Thank you to Ms. Rolfe for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

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Helen J RolfeHelen Rolfe is the author of many bestselling contemporary women’s fiction titles, set in different locations from the Cotswolds to New York. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and children.

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