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Unwanted by Susan Tate


Why has the adorable, geeky, fashion-backwards, gangly teenager Verity fell in love with at school been replaced by this cold, intimidatingly gorgeous, billionaire CEO in a designer suit? And why is he pretending he doesn’t remember her?
Finally, Verity’s architecture company has landed the dream project, the one to launch her as a major player, at least she thought it had, until she found out that Harry York was financing it. He seems determined to sabotage her dreams at every turn, and she can’t understand why. Wasn’t it Harry that broke her heart all those years ago? Wasn’t she the one who was ghosted?
It hurts to feel unwanted by the one person she used to think she could trust, but then that feeling is nothing new to Verity, given her past.
Harry left his nerdy teenage side behind long ago. All it ever got him was bullied at school by the posh kids and let down by the prettiest girl he ever saw. He’s determined to show Verity how far he’s come and punish her for ever rejecting him. But what if he got it wrong all those years ago? What if he abandoned Verity when she needed him the most? What if he let love slip through his fingers then, and now he’s repeating the same mistake?

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Holy second chance hell! I adore this wonderful love story of two broken people who deserve happiness. The emotions run fast and raw in this one folks!

“I’m fine”. Verity Markham, a notable London architect, has used the phrase all of her life. She is always hiding behind fake smiles and feigned happiness in public, holding all her love for the family she made for herself. However, when faced with Harry York, the nerdy schoolboy, now successful financier, whom she loved and trusted until he ghosted her 20 years ago, she is confused and heartbroken about his cold demeanor and rude behavior. She thought he loved her, but I guess it’s par for the course that yet another has found her unlovable. 

Hedgehog. She still calls Harry that name after all of these years. He enjoyed hiding in the school library and one day this beautiful fourteen-year-old girl crashed into his favorite space and changed him forever. He never thought a popular girl like her would like someone like him. Then right before graduation his life shatters and her betrayal gutted him. Now she’s presenting a proposal for his company and all he wants to do is deny her the bid and prove that he is not the stupid, awkward nerd she knew in school. But it didn’t turn out that way.

Oh, Harry. He starts out as a nasty unredeemable ass, but he finally learns about Verity’s tragic past and grovels so effectively that he becomes my favorite character in this book. His nerdiness and shyness are a plus in my book, but it’s his fierce loyalty and constant concern for Verity that melts my heart. Verity is a beautiful, strong, vulnerable woman who is always taking care of others. She will fiercely protect the people she loves at all costs and I love how she defends Harry when he is trying to make amends with her family and friends. When all hell breaks loose and the truth comes out about her tragic past, the humiliation and shame make her doubt Harry’s love for her. Verity and Harry find their way back to each other, but not until I was wrung out from crying and wishing the worst on their enemies.

The family and friends are many and I love each and every one. And, I adore the unforgettably hilarious Barbara, the ball-busting cat!

This is my first Susie Tate novel and all I can say is, WOW!  I felt every dig, every tear, every angry moment Verity and Harry experienced.  From the stupid misunderstandings and miscommunications to the first sexy and steamy intimate scene, I was hooked. There was no way I was stopping until I read every delicious, passionate, and charged page of this book. I need to read the other books in this series!

Thank you to Ms. Tate for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



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Susie TateSusie Tate is a contemporary romance author with a side hustle as a doctor. Her books are funny, feel-good romances with an edge. She lives with her husband and three boys in beautiful Dorset. When she’s not working, writing or with her family and friends, she can be founding hiding with the dog and her kindle. Susie loves the escapism of reading and hopes she can give that to her readers.

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