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Match Me If You Can (Ever After Agency #1) by Sandy Barker

Match Me If You Can


Welcome to the Ever After Agency – a clandestine organisation offering bespoke solutions to romantic problems.

Whether you’re looking for the love of your life, a fresh romantic start, or just want to keep up appearances, the agency can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

When Tristan Fellows walks into the agency, Poppy Dean knows she’s in for a challenge. A typical bachelor, Tristan has no intention of falling in love, but in order to receive his 30-million-pound inheritance, he must find himself a wife before his 35th birthday.

This may be Poppy’s hardest case yet, but even the most arrogant of men can sometimes warm a woman’s heart…


Match Me If You Can is the first installment of the Ever After Agency series and my first meet-greet with another new author.  I love the idea of a discreet matchmaking agency that takes clients by referral.  It sounds so posh as they go to great lengths tailoring the right fit for the client. Not to say, that perfect fits always happen the easy way as you’ll find out.

Poppy Dean is an agent at Ever After Agency who is tasked to find a match for Tristan Fellows, aka “Mr. Impossible”. This is no ordinary match because Tristan needs to find a match in one month and marry her for two years to meet the requirements for his Grandad’s will to receive a boatload of money. So the hijinks begin as Tristan meets a man-eater, a gold digger (more like a woman with a tangible secret plan), and a logical partner until Tristan realizes he is in love with his agent, Poppy, and he has days to convince her.

Poppy is the consummate professional. Her extreme patience, kindness, and ability to put out fires while staying calm is admirable considering Tristan is a rude and arrogant wanker who takes some getting used to. The attraction is a slow burn with a sudden realization and at times I wished I could see Poppy and Tristan together more rather than Tristan and his potential matches. Poppy is Australian and her wonderful vernacular and kindness start to grow on Tristan. Tristan isn’t all bad. He’s under a lot of pressure and has family members breathing down his neck for a piece of the pie. Add to that the fact that his devoted Granddad died, and he’s only given a month to find a stranger to marry, and he certainly has a lot to be stressed about. 

Poppy’s background in psychology is essential to reading her clients and she read Tristan all wrong. She takes all the mishaps and bad matches in stride and it’s understandable she’s concerned about her job now she’s falling for her client. Not to mention, someone is trying to out the agency which could lead to ruination and termination for everyone. With some bumps along the way, the protagonists finally find their way and there’s a fun grand gesture at the end.

There are a number of colorful supporting cast members who are generous with kind and firm voices of reason, sympathetic ears, and tough love giving Poppy and Tristan pause to really think about what they want in life.

I am delighted to recommend this sweet and funny grumpy/sunshine romance that makes one question what one needs versus what one wants.

Thank you to Ms. Barker for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Sandy Barker is a bestselling author of destination romance. She’s lived in the UK, the US and Australia, and has travelled extensively across six continents, with many of her travel adventures finding homes in her books.

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