#SegueSaturday Making Rounds with Oscar by @DavidDosa ‏#bookreview #nonfiction #dementia

I started my book review blog in 2009 and I have read so many outstanding books that I wanted to share them again with my followers on #SegueSaturday.  I first posted this review in June 2010.  This story interested me because at the time my mother was diagnosed with dementia and my mother loved cats as much as I do.  In fact, until the day my mother died, there was a resident cat in her assisted living facility that stayed with her in her room.  I feel in my heart, the cat helped her find peace.  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Heartfelt, inspiring, and full of humor and pathos, this book allows readers to take a walk into a world rarely seen from the outside, a world we often misunderstand.

Dr. David Dosa was a non-believer.  He didn’t like cats.  He was a dog person.  Oscar can’t know when a person is dying, he’s just one of several strays that live in a nursing home.  But maybe it’s true… Continue reading “#SegueSaturday Making Rounds with Oscar by @DavidDosa ‏#bookreview #nonfiction #dementia”