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Sindy in Real Life: Intimate Confessions of a No-win No-fee Paralegal who became a No-fee No-me Escort by Sindy


Today I am reviewing an unusual biography of a woman who would do anything to provide for her family even as far as becoming an escort.

At twelve, I had about as much control over my limbs as a new-born giraffe. I had no friends. It’s difficult to form close bonds with tight-knit groups when they’re whispering together under the height of your armpits.

Sindy’s publisher explains that this book is “the true story of the first five decades of Sindy’s life in her own swear words.”  The author (who remains anonymous to protect her children) takes the reader on an incredibly candid and raw journey of her life starting as an awkward child with no self-esteem and no friends to her struggles with sex, alcohol, money, a job that paid well, but she no longer respected, and three children to provide for.  When her job as a legal executive could no longer cover all of her expenses for her family, she becomes an escort in her 40s.

I realized I was going to have to open my thighs to weirdos to prevent my finances from crash landing and leaving me as a homeless mother of three kids in care.

Her experience led her to this book and her campaign for respect towards women as human beings, respect towards women in the workforce, and respect in practices between escorts and clients.

I don’t know how I feel about this book.  I commend the author for her love and dedication to her children and her campaign efforts to promote respect for women in all aspects of life.  I also enjoyed her straight talk and sense of humor in everything from raising children to her analysis of categories of clients and the men she has known who fit them.   Getting past the editing errors and feelings of uneasiness with some of her escort/client encounters, it was an atypical, but palatable read.  This book is for readers who like biographies with unrestrained frankness, angst and humor, and a mission to help women.  This book is scheduled to come out on June 1, 2018.

Thank you to SindyinRealLife.comand Real Life Press for giving me the opportunity to voluntarily review a free copy of this book.

WARNING:  Graphic language.  This book is for adults only.

My Confession by Sindy

This is an honest account of the first five decades of my life. I am the sole parent of three children by three different dads, two who knew how to fuck and who I wanted to fuck off when they’d impregnated me, and another who actually wanted a child and has hung around but is more of a nuisance than a help. My children share my surname but not all my secrets. I plan to tell each of them only when they are old enough to understand and that is why I wish to remain anonymous.

I financed the upbringing of my children by working as a paralegal and then qualified legal executive in the soul-destroying sweatshop of no win – no fee lawyering for as long as it paid enough and when it didn’t I added to my income by working at a second job as a prostitute via an escort website. The money also kept me adequately supplied with red wine.

Everything in this book is essentially true. Much of it is a record of my experiences. The locations are all fictitious. My co-author and I have invented characters and characteristics, created bosses and clients that reflect our knowledge of human life and our experiences as well as typical behavior in both work situations. In places this is a record of fact, in others a work of faction, fiction based on real situations which are also known as creative non-fiction. Apart from the descriptions of me and my reactions, any resemblance to actual individuals is purely coincidental. Real life has been remixed.





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