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How I Broke the Sky (Great Year Cycle Book 1) by E.W. Park



Nikos was having a bad day. Not an ordinary bad day, but a ‘your-wife-burned-alive-in-a-spaceship’ kind of bad day. Space travel is murder. Every time a ship goes up, the cosmonaut inside it dies. Why? No one knows, but that’s the way it has always been on New Amith. Nevermind that people from the sister planet of Shan can zip through outer space with no problem. Getting answers to all of this means that Nikos has to dig deeper. It means following lunatic prophecies into catacombs of grief, insomnia, and, yes, some madness. It means uncovering a plot to end the world. And if the world does happen to end, it also means looking past the mushroom clouds to keep going. Because there is a purpose to all of this, there must be. There’s a reason a woman locked in a cell wrote on her wall: We Should Be Called Rome.


Their bond was about to be tested. Evil was entering centre stage of their cozy, comfortable lives.

After seeing his wife die in an inexplicable New Amith space shuttle accident, Nikos is assigned to an archaeology dig with a Shan named Anna and finds himself in a race for time to find out why the world he thought he knew is being destroyed.

As always it takes time for me to absorb science fiction novels because of the many unusual characters, places, and timelines, and this story is no exception.  Park’s plot is creative and interesting, though somewhat difficult to follow in some sections.  This sci-fi novel includes gods, prophets, albinos, metaphysical rooms and poisonous bombs, and it’s book 1 of a series.

Thank you to Fox Point Books for sending me this book for free, in exchange for an honest review.


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