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The Big Sleep Mode (A.I. P.I. Book 2) by Ian Patrick Williams

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The return of the world’s first Artificially Intelligent Private Investigator, Raymond 3000. Sentenced with other Andro-Americans to a concentration camp for alleged crimes against the state, Raymond is temporarily freed to help find who is behind a series of terrorist bombings targeting the city.


Raymond 3000, my favorite smartass android and former private investigator is back and he’s a fugitive! After sentenced to 50 years in a labor camp, Raymond is brought reluctantly into a case to find a suspected terrorist bomber and former peacekeeping android nicknamed Gandhi. However, he finds out not all is what it seems and Raymond fakes his death to find the real culprits for the bombings and avenge his friends who get caught in the crossfire.

I was thrilled when Mr. Williams asked me to review book 2 in the A.I. P.I. series and it did not disappoint. Raymond is a character like no other. His human-like sarcastic wit and self-preservation are the reasons why I love this series so much along with Williams’ brilliant slang and idioms like Andro-Americans, virojunkies, modelism, and DUI: Deprogramming while Under the Influence, to name a few.  Let’s not forget the supporting android characters like CRK2315—Cronkite, voice of an alternative news program, GHN2990 (Governmental Hostage Negotiator)–Gandhi, and of course the hated Detective Lester Flatt who is so deserving of Raymond’s hilarious mockery.

Overall, book 2 is as good as the first and I can’t recommend it enough! If you’re like me and love a fast-paced mystery with lots of laughs and engaging characters, give this one a try.

Thank you to Mr. Williams for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Big Sleep Mode

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Ian Patrick WilliamsSince graduating from Chicago’s Goodman School of Drama, Ian Patrick Williams has garnered almost 100 professional credits in TV and film. 

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