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Holding Out For a Hero (Jelvia: Not Human Book 1) by T. E Kessler

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When she was a child, her mother was murdered and subconsciously ever since, journalist Macy Shaw has been searching for a hero.

She found one, but the hero she found was a Jelvia.

Undeterred, she used her connections to go after the biggest story of her life.

Narcifer saved a woman by merely being a Jelvia—his presence causing terror and making the assailants flee.

And it amused him when his “heroism” created a national stir, so when a pretty little red-head asked to interview him for a story, Narcifer felt compelled to grant it to her, especially when she gave all the signals that she wanted more than a story.

However, on the night Narcifer inadvertently became a hero, he had been tracking a scientist with orders to kill, and strangely no matter where Narcifer’s line of investigation took him, his search always brought back to the red-headed journalist, Macy Shaw.


I chose this book because of the inter-species relationship. There is nothing more sexy and intriguing than humans and Jelvias and the heat between Macy and Narcifer will steam up your glasses.

What are Jelvias? Are they evil and deadly or are they more humanlike and misunderstood?  Macy Shaw plans to find out. As a journalist, she has been wanting to interview a Jelvian for a long time and she finally has her shot. But not everything is as it seems. Her managing director wants her to be part of a secret team to interview Aldarn, the scarred and menacing Warden of the Jelvias, but she prefers to cozy up to Narcifer, the handsome Warden with the sexy smile and charming wit.  Will she be able to find out anything with her powers of persuasion or is she a pawn in a deadly game?

Jelvias Wardens are assassins who kill the scum of humankind, but the government has created fear among the humans portraying Jelvias as murderous villains. Narcifer saves Macy’s best friend Courtney from a brutal assault and when Macy comes looking for him, he is shocked she is not afraid of him.  She is interested in him as a person, not as a Jelvia. Should he heed Aldarn’s advice and not trust her?

Macy and Narcifer’s connection is strong and their relationship is misunderstood by Courtney who is not sold on Narcifer’s intentions. It takes a lot of convincing by Macy and Narcifer to finally bring Courtney around, including a hilarious and childish catfight between the two women, but Courtney, with her volatile temper, is eventually won over grudgingly.  Narcifer comes across as being more playful and humanlike than I expected considering he can shoot deadly venom from his throat and scale buildings.  Aldarn, on the other hand, seems more alien with his deadly gaze and hatred for humans.  What a match he will be for Courtney in Book 2.

Overall, I relished this provocative science fiction romance with a touch of mystery by reading it from cover to cover in a matter of hours.  If you like inter-species romances with a gorgeous and deadly hero, give this one a try.

Thank you to Ms. Kessler for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Holding Out For A Hero

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Louise Wise is a British author from the Midlands in England. Her debut novel is the acclaimed sci-fi romance titled EDEN, which was followed by its sequel HUNTED in 2013.

Louise Wise is the penname of T E Kessler who writes sci-fi for the 18+ market.

Wise enjoys writing comedy and finds a place for it in ALL her books. She has written numerous short stories for women’s magazines such as Take a Break and Woman’s Own.

She took the decision to write under the name of T. E Kessler for books that contain mature content, which include the JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series and her future short stories.

Follow Louise on Twitter, Facebook, and her blog.



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