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King’s Redemption by Grace Risata


A random act of kindness pays off in deliciously unexpected ways…

After Nora Clark finds a distraught young man with Down syndrome, she attempts to reunite the lost stranger with his protective older brother.

Oh, what a brother he has!

Tall, muscular, and Dangerous with a capital ‘D,’ tattoo artist Dalton King is the exact opposite of what play-it-safe Nora has ever experienced.

In the blink of an eye, Nora suddenly finds herself swept up in a whole new world full of adventurous mini-golf by day and illegal underground fights at night. Making matters just a bit more complicated? Her disapproving friends and family don’t exactly support this new carefree lifestyle.

Will Nora pump the brakes and return to her pampered existence? Or can Dalton convince her there’s so much more to life than taking the easy route?


Holy cow!  I couldn’t put this book down. It just kept getting better and better. Sexier, funnier, and sweeter.

Nora “Batman” Clark’s life is literally a shit show. Her ex-fiance is a complete douchebag, her mother is Mom-zilla bitch extraordinaire, and her best friend…well I won’t give that one away because it’s worth reading.  No wonder she has turned to the sexy tattoo artist, Dalton, his sweet brother, Toby, and his mom Carol.  But Dalton has a secret that may destroy their budding relationship. Could her life get any worse?

I adore Nora’s feistiness and sass and it is a freakin’ joy to see her come into her own and blow her family out of the water.  Not to mention holding her own with the surly commitment-phobe, Dalton King. Nora’s one-liners turn into uncontrolled word diarrhea that will make you roll on the floor laughing.  And her filthy talk needs some work too. FYI, the safe word is Walleye, ladies!

Dalton King is a sexy bad boy beast who is spongeworthy times ten (take that Seinfeld fans!) His love of Toby and his willingness to use words instead of fists, is very hot. Dalton is a good man who was dealt a shit hand, but he goes with the flow and encourages Nora to stand up for herself and fight her own battles. I especially like Nora’s “Fight Club” moment in the Pit.  “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and kick some ass!” Priceless!!!

This book isn’t all about romance, but about family and standing up for one’s self.  My favorite and most significant character hands down is Toby. Living with Down’s Syndrome, his take on life is simple but wise.  If only everyone looked at life through Toby’s eyes.  When he explains to Nora about bullies, it is a tearjerker. As the author writes, “he shines brightly wherever he goes”.

The chemistry is hot. The sex is through the roof. And the story line is an ass-kicking, sexified, laughathon with extremely lovable and despicably hateful characters.  I guarantee you won’t be able to put this book down. I plan to add more books by this author to my TBR pile.

Thank you to Ms. Risata for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Kings Redemption

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I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for taking the time to give my stories a chance. My goal is to take you out of your world, and all the stresses that go along with everyday life, and bring you into my world of romance and fantasy. I have a special weakness for hot alpha males and the feisty heroines who love them. Above all else, I hope you got a few laughs out of my stories. I aim to incorporate as much comedy into my romance as is humanly possible.

My professional biography is as follows (I’m not sure why it’s in the third person, evidently that’s the rule): Grace Risata is very excited to share her novels with the world, and she hopes you enjoyed reading them as much as she enjoyed writing them.  Grace would like to thank everyone for giving her books a chance and she welcomes all feedback.  Grace is happiest when reading, eating Portillos hot dogs, and patiently waiting for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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