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The Deepest Cut (Forbidden #2) by Beena Khan


My brother is in jail because of her family. She will be my bride and pay the price.

Dark and dangerous Dara is the brother of my father’s sworn enemy. He’s the predator every father warns his daughter about. The vicious villain whose handsome as sin with a heart full of darkness. The mysterious stranger shows up everywhere. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if he’s stalking me. He tempts me what is forbidden but there are rules to be obeyed. I should just marry the suitor my parents have chosen for me, but every time I close my eyes, I see dark, black eyes. My deepest, darkest desire is the villain.

The flame burns hotter when she’s the ultimate sacrifice. My brother is still in jail because of her family. Their youngest Ismat will suffer the consequences. The more she runs from me, the more I enjoy the chase. All she needs to do is reject her mate and pick me. But every time, I look into her blue sapphire eyes, I forget my mission…

Our love story is forbidden.


Once again, Beena Khan charmed me with her lovely prose. Ms. Khan does love and tragedy extremely well and when you throw in an enemies-to-lovers trope, be prepared for an absorbing and cultural experience. 

Ismat is outspoken and feisty. Two traits that could get her in trouble when meeting suitors for her to marry. But she is a good girl who wants to please her baba and considers a suitor, Emad, who is 12 years her senior and a university professor. He is very conservative and Ismat is more progressive, but he has impressed her enough to agree to the marriage. But tragedy and betrayal are around the corner and Ismat’s life will never be the same.

Dara has a plan for revenge on Ismat’s family for putting his brother in jail. And Ismat is the sacrifice. His seduction is subtle and manipulative to reel her in, but his conscience is bothering him. He is doubting his brother’s ugly plan, but he respects family. Attraction to Ismat is an obstacle that Dara cannot deny and he tries to fix Ismat’s ruination instigated by his brother. However, the conflict between loyalty to his brother and honor to Ismat results in a sacrifice he must make.

This story is based on a complex relationship of love and revenge. Ismat is a likable character with her outspokenness and wit. My heart broke for her, but her strength shines through as she makes the best of a bad situation and forgives the ones she loves. Dara is a conflicted antihero who reveals himself as a devoted brother and an honorable man. In addition, Ismat’s baba tries so hard to be a good father and has to make a tough choice that almost destroys him. I was also happy to see Cyrah and Rehan “Ryder” from The Flame Must Burn appear in this book and give their support to Ismat completely.

I recommend this forbidden love story with complex characters, emotional subject matter, and a surprising ending.

Thank you to Ms. Khan for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review. 



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Beena KhanBeena Khan lives in a suburb in Queens, New York in her apartment. She is 27 years old from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. She is an immigrant who moved to New York when she was five years old. She currently holds a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology from Cuny School of Professional Sciences. She enjoys reading, writing, and Netflixing. This is her debut novel.

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