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A Dangerous Deal (Ladies of Worth #2) by Philippa Jane Keyworth


Lady Rachel Denby is in need of a husband and a chance encounter with the reserved Lord Arleigh inspires her to offer him an outlandish deal.

He will save her from impending financial doom and she will help him gain his inheritance. All they have to do is marry. It sounds delightfully pragmatic. Yet as they embark upon their matrimonial bliss, they find that being husband and wife is anything but simple. Pleasing the stiff family relations, keeping a nosy sister in check, and dealing with unhelpful solicitors complicates their deal. To make matters worse, there are unplanned feelings growing between them. But the unorthodox Rachel can’t help engaging the aloof Viscount, and his Lordship is certainly not the cold fish he at first appears. Suddenly, the deal they made is far more than just a practical solution to their problems, it’s fast becoming downright dangerous!

This is the second book in The Ladies of Worth series of Georgian romances. It centres on the sister of Lady Rebecca Fairing from Fool Me Twice, and you’ll get to see Caro and Felton again, and let’s not forget the shrewd Lady Etheridge and her wicked wit!


There is nothing I like better than a feisty, unorthodox heroine and a staid, uptight hero and Ms. Keyworth pens them with genuine finesse and flair.

The reader gets three stories for the price of one in this book. The main story is about the notoriously outspoken widow, Lady Rachel Denby and the quiet and solemn Lord Julius Arleigh who make a deal to marry for three months to meet the stipulations of Lord Arleigh’s father’s will regarding his inheritance and for Rachel’s independence from an oppressive society. The second story is about the confused and nosy Lady Rebecca Fairing and Mr. James Worth, a man of few words. And the third story is about the characters from book 1 in the series, Caro and Felton.

Rachel is a required taste with her no-nonsense and shocking rhetoric which first angers Julius, but then he realizes her wit and honesty are refreshing and something he had never experienced before with a woman. I wasn’t sure about Rachel at first with her crass jokes and odd behaviors, but she is a woman before her time who wants her independence from any man so she can just be herself. Her first marriage was appalling when her father married off an eighteen-year-old Rachel to a 57-year-old man and widowed her at 23. Her deal with Julius seemed like her best bet as he plans to separate from her in three months so she could pursue her own interests by herself, but love intervenes as they slowly fall for each other unexpectedly. Julius is the first to fall, but he’s afraid of becoming his father and having an unhappy marriage like his parents so he pulls away and cruelly hurts Rachel in the process. In my opinion, he needed to grovel significantly, but the book was rushed toward the end and left me wanting more. Perhaps there will be more about them in book 3.

I was intrigued by Mr. Worth’s pursuit of Rebecca, Rachel’s sister, and have to support Rebecca’s decision to turn him down based upon his non-existent courtship of her. I’m assuming more will unfold in a later book.  As for Caro and Felton, I did not read book 1, but now want to pick it up because of the exciting snippets I picked up in this book. As parents go, Rachel’s father is a tyrant and ruthlessly and cruelly chastises Rachel for her behavior and choices. Her mother, on the other hand, is weak and useless when it comes to standing up for her daughter. Julius’ mother is grieving for her husband and comes across as hard and judgmental, but Rachel makes amends by soothing her mother-in-law’s worries about the marriage to Julius and winning her over completely. 

Overall, I enjoyed this delightful and romantic tale about following your own rules and your own happiness despite what society deems appropriate. Well done! Book 1 here I come.

Thank you to Ms. Keyworth for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectations of a positive review.


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Philippa Jane Keyworth Author photoPhilippa Jane Keyworth, also known as P. J. Keyworth, writes historical romance and fantasy novels you’ll want to get escape into.

She loves strong heroines, challenging heroes and backdrops that read like you’re watching a movie. She creates complex, believable characters you want to get to know and worlds that are as dramatic as they are beautiful.

Keyworth’s historical romance novels include Regency and Georgian romances that trace the steps of indomitable heroes and heroines through historic British streets. From London’s glittering ballrooms to its dark gaming hells, characters experience the hopes and joys of love while avoiding a coil or too! Travel with them through London, Bath, Cornwall and beyond and you’ll find yourself falling in love.

Keyworth’s fantasy series The She Trilogy unveils a world of nomadic warrior tribes and peaceful forest-dwelling folk. Explore the hills, deserts and cities of Emrilion and the history that is woven through them. With so many different races in the same kingdom it’s become a melting pot of drama and intrigue where the ultimate struggle between good and evil will bring it all to the brink of destruction.

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