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One Little Lie by Christopher Greyson


A lie is a welcome mat for the devil…

Kate had high hopes when she moved to her husband‘s hometown, but her domestic bliss was short-lived. Blindsided by her spouse’s public affair with his high school sweetheart, Kate’s determined to hold onto custody of her kids and pull herself together. When Kate’s struck in the head by a drone at her son’s soccer game and face-plants in the grass, it’s more than her self-esteem that’s shattered. The drone’s footage reveals that someone is stalking her. And though the handsome detective she’s falling for vows to protect her, Kate knows to be wary of any man making vows.

With things spiraling out of control, she tells a lie. It was only One Little Lie, but her grandmother always said, a lie is a welcome mat for the devil, and with the one she told, Kate just rolled out the red carpet. Everything she worked for begins to unravel, along with her sanity. Confused, alone, and afraid, can Kate untangle the web of lies and unmask her stalker, or will she lose everything—including her life?


There are certain suspense stories that make me anxious and this is one of them. When a woman filled with rejection and humiliation tells a little lie, her world comes crashing down.

Kate is lonely and bereft as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s infidelity and her divorce while raising her two kids. Her job as a receptionist sucks and she’s frustrated her narcissistic ex will not spend more time with his kids. Then the day her ex decides to show up at her son’s game, her bad decision to lie about the wayward drone she was testing out starts a bizarre chain of events.

Kate is certainly a mess when it comes to her hateful and nasty ex-husband. She is delusional in thinking he will come back to her because she still loves him and he fully and disgustingly takes advantage of that. No wonder she feels confused and alone. It doesn’t help she has recently learned she has a stalker who is sending her lewd texts and photos and has been seen lurking outside her house. If that isn’t enough, this, unfortunately, gives her slimy husband and his mean-girl fiancée Tammi an opening to fight for custody of their children. From there her life as she knows it is gone when she is attacked, her lie is found out, and she is the victim of gaslighting and deceit that leads to her arrest. But she has a friend in the form of Detective Ryan Daley who respects and believes her, as well as the unexpected support of her snobbish and condescending mother-in-law Audrey. And let’s not forget her quirky and reckless friend, Donna. But it’s her lovely and imaginative daughter Ava who gives her the opportunity to catch the person who is framing Kate. 

Though I had a feeling who was behind the whole thing, I was nose deep in the story to find out how it all turned out. But not all things end with everything tied up in a neat little bow as the author leaves the reader with a chilling look at Kate’s future.

I recommend this shrewdly written suspense thriller with relentless characters and a frustrating and enthralling plot. 

Thank you to Mr. Greyson for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


One Little Lie

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